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Weekly Round-Up: 04/04/10

No How I Met Your Mother or Caprica this week, but other than  that we’ve got plenty to talk about. Sun and Jin finally get a flash sideways in this week’s Lost, Chuck goes solo to rescue superman from Badger’s sinister clutches and Sam and Dean Winchester die… again!

That’s all coming up and more in this week’s Round-Up, if you don’t want to know the score… look away now!

Chuck – vs. the American Hero

This episode certainly had the feel of a season finale, possibly even a two part finale, that’s how good it was. And Mark Sheppard managed to sneak his way into Chuck as the leader of the Ring. He certainly gets around that boy!

So Chuck gets the news that he is about to jet off to Rome and that he can pick his own Team (so Morgan and Casey are suddenly his best friends.) However Chuck wont go without Sarah and Sarah wont go with Chuck because she believes he’s now a killer. However Elle wont go to Africa with Devon unless Chuck goes to Rome so Morgan, Devon and Casey team up to help him get back together with Sarah.

And hilarity ensues.

However that’s not all. Shaw gets himself captured hoping to be able to take down the Ring (believing they murdered his wife) however once inside their compound a holographic image of Mark Sheppard (a.k.a Badger!) informs him that, in fact, the CIA is responsible, in particular one Agent Walker!

So Chuck busts into the compound rescues Shaw and after all that Shaw intends to kill the woman Chuck loves!

Will Shaw get his evil way? Will Mark Sheppard survive past the end of the season and become a regular or will he be needed to play some shadowy government type guy on Warehouse 13? Will Chuck, Morgan and Casey go to Rome? Will Devon and Elle go to Africa? Where the hell will this show end up? ARRRRRRGH!

Loving new Chuck! Aces!

Lost – The Package

This week’s episode was certainly better than last weeks as we explore the Flash Sideways version of Sun and Jin. We learn why Keamy had Jin tied up in the cupboard in “Sundown” apparently Jin was deflowering Mr. Paik’s daughter (in the Flash Sideways Sun and Jin are lovers but they are not married) and Keamy had been paid to kill Jin.

We also saw a return for the Russian Mikhail, who promptly had his eye shot out by Jin.

In island time Jin is captured by Widmore and shown “The Package”, when Jin asks “What is the package?” Widmore replies, “Not what, who.” and at that point we know that The Package will turn out to be everyone’s favourite Scotsman, Desmond.

Back on the main Island Smokey is making plans, he sends Sayid on a recon mission and he has a chat with Claire which leads to the revelation that Kate is “no longer” a candidate. Hmmmm… What did she do to get scrubbed off the wall? Did Kate die at some point and I didn’t notice? Certainly this is one of the more intriguing statements Smokey has ever made.

The episode closes out with Sayid surfacing by the pier as Desmond is dragged from the Sub, which I guess means Smokey now knows that Des is on the island, which I guess will probably be important… At this point… who knows?!


V is a smorgasbord of stars that I like. Morena Baccarin from Firefly, Scott Wolf and Lourdes Benedicto from The Nine, Erica Evens from Lost, Joel Gretsch from Taken and this week even managed to squeeze in the beautiful Lexa Doig from Andromeda and yet… and YET… I still don’t find the show interesting. Sure it’s building to something but man its doing it slowly. This week’s episode was yet another long list of reasons not to trust the Visitors… We get it already… Aliens bad… Can we please start blowing them up now?


Well, after knocking the show last week I’m back on board. This week’s episode revolves around Demetri and Janis as they team up with Agent Vogel (the new head of the Mosaic task force) and head into Somalia with Simon to investigate the last remaining tower.

While Vogel ends any chance of peace in Somali, Olivia cross examines her daughter to discover what she really saw in her flash forward, and the horrifying truth is she over heard Vogel saying “Mark Benford is dead!”

Also back home there are touching little scenes between Nicole and Bryce as she reveals her intention to become a doctor. The way their relationship is developing seems to be edging out the Japanese girl from Bryce’s flash forward but we’ll see.

However the real action is in Africa as a confused Warlord, Abdi,  captures the team and executes all the extras. After Janis uses the Mosaic website to convince Abdi, that he is not a Warlord but an angel of peace he leads them to the Tower where Vogel discovers a mass grave (the 1991 test subjects) and a video tape by D. Gibbons with a message for Demetri… of all people! Abdi gets upset at the sight of the skeletal remains of his mother and threatens to shoot Simon, so Vogel intervenes, killing Abdi in the process.

However, it is the message that is most intriguing. Clearly D. Gibbons must have the ability to see the future without the need for a complete Blackout. We know this from his trap at the warehouse that nearly killed Mark and Dem and this video message confirms that. I’m certainly interested to know what the hell is going on.

Oh and Demetri and Janis GET IT ON! Go on my son!

A neat little action packed episode… Keep it ABC!

Supernatural – Dark Side of the Moon

I really hope to find time to talk about this is in a spotlight later this week but I just knew that this was going to be a good episode, right from the recap. We hear Bobby Singer’s voice ask the question “how many times have you two died, anyway?” And then we are treated to an awesome montage on Sam and Dean dying, over and over!

This was a fun episode and in it’s own way a mythology episode, but mainly it was an exploration of Heaven! Now that’s kinda cool! Even better was the return of Ash… But no sign of Jo and Ellen. With them being dead I’d hoped we’d get one last glimpse of them, but…  Ash didn’t know that they had died… and Ash knows all so…. maybe they didn’t… Please!

Anyway I hope to talk about this more later this week, so let’s move on.

Clone Wars – Bounty Hunters

Another fun episode that introduced new characters, this time in the form of bounty hunters. I really quite liked this episode, certainly the plot was less than secondary to the action. The animation though was fantastic and with another six or so main characters and a whole new planet this show must cost a fortune to produce.

I’m looking forward now to a concluding couple of episode with actual plot, rather than one off inconsequential stories, but it’s definitely getting better.

Stargate Universe – Space

Other than being a convoluted way to “fix” the end of the last episode, Space was not much of an episode at all. The episode prior to the hiatus left us with questions about just how Dr. Rush would meet up with Destiny again.

Well… It seems that he will be basically handed over by a bunch of aliens which we discover nothing about and that disappear without a trace when it was convenient for them to do so. SGU started out so well, but the last series of episodes have been one let down after another and this episode was no different.

Sure we learn a that Rush is leading a group of mutinous scientists and intends to take over Destiny, but is that really a revelation? And can it really go anywhere? Ok Rush takes over, locks all the military types up, nasty aliens attack and Rush relents and decides col. Young should be in charge again.

I just think the format is tired and the stories aren’t as interesting as they should be. I’m usually a big SyFy channel Fanboy but this one is just falling apart on me.

Coming Soon…

I don’t think there is anything to report now, all the shows I’ve been looking forward to are either already here or wont be returning til the summer. Next week we can look forward to more of the same. Look out for a Supernatural Spotlight plus a Caprica one if I get the chance.

Until then, this has been My Two Cents.

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