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Weekly Round-Up: 11/04/10

I’m a bit behind this week as a visit from a childhood friend kept me from my Tv set. This means that I will update this post later in the week as I watch the missing shows.

Good week? Yes indeedy. Chuck takes on Superman in a duel to the death, Desmond returns to the island in Lost and the Winchester Boys go head to head with the Whore of Babylon in Supernatural!

Chuck - vs. The Other Guy

This week’s episode follows directly on from the end of last weeks as Chuck, with the help of John Casey attempts to rescue Sarah from Shaw. However, Shaw wasn’t planning to kill Sarah, in fact he was preparing her for a mission where they could take out the Ring and capture the Cypher (the brain of the Ring’s new intersect computer.)

At this point I sighed, another episode of Chuck where the cliffhanger from the previous episode is resolved without drastic consequences… Boy did I sigh too soon. It seems that Agent Shaw has switched sides, now working against the CIA who had Sarah murder his wife, he hands over the intersect data and is about to murder Sarah… And he would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for that pesky Chuck.

While Chuck and Shaw have their final showdown Casey mops up the rest of the Ring capturing the Ring Director (Mark Sheppard) and handing him over to Beckman in exchange for being reinstated, with a new Crown Victoria (lol) and in exchange for making Morgan an agent! (So cool)

In a very James Bond-esque ending Sarah and Chuck finally end up together and when Beckman (i.e. M) calls to give Chuck (i.e. Bond) a new mission he simply ignores her… Very nice reference guys. However as Chuck and Sarah get freaky we are reminded, as the camera pans down the bed, that Chuck is still Chuck, because despite being a superspy, with his super hot girl, he’s still wearing his ‘Chuck’ sneakers! Nice Touch!

Lost – Happily Ever After

This episode focused almost completely on alternate Desmond. Charles Widemore blasts island Desmond with lots of EM energy and then we are treated to a lot of Other Desmond stuff. In the flash sideways Des is Widemore’s right hand man. Also Charles is married to Eloise and not whoever Penny’s mother is. Eloise still seems to have some strange power to know the past, present and future and can possibly even see into the alternaverse.

Charlie Pace also feature’s prominently in the episode, revealing to Desmond how to ‘pierce the veil’ and see into the alternate universe (i.e. one where he is happy with Penny and his Son).  

After the experiment on the island Widemore releases Desmond, who has now changed from the angry Scotsman he was into a compliant young man, much like the Des in the flash sideways. Have the two switched, possibly even become a single entity? I honestly have no idea.

The episode was an interesting exploration of what Desmond could have been had things been different, but it also suffered, like much of this season, from being quite convoluted in order to retain the air of mystery that Lost prides itself on. Certainly Daniel Faraday’s theoretical conversation that he has with Desmond about the fact that he believes he set off a nuclear bomb seems, not only far fetched that he would be that specific, but ridiculous.

Anyway, not long to go now… it can’t get too much more bizarre can it?

V – Pound of Flesh

Another two cult favourites popped up in this week’s, slightly more interesting, episode of V in the form of Samantha Ferris (Supernatural’s Ellen) and Nicholas Lea (the X-Files’ Alex Krycek). The episode revolved around the Fifth Column, an organisation of Visitors, living on earth and ready to fight Anna. However, there is no way to simultaneously cause them all to rise up, so Ryan (eventually) volunteers to go aboard the V ship and broadcast a message to start the revolution.

Of course, while he’s there he steals a chemical compound to help his pregnant wife carry his child to term. Unfortunately, after sending his message Ryan is about to be captured by the V’s until Georgie sacrifices himself to let Ryan escape.

Halfway there and still no major action… but with Anna building an invasion force things have to start heating up for the last six episodes of this “long anticipated” miniseries.  

Supernatural – 99 Problems

And the bitch is one! This week’s episode introduced yet another character from the Christian myths, the Whore of Babylon. However, regardless of how much fun the core of the episode was, it was not the most important thing to happen… oh no…

After Dean finished off the foul creature (that could only be killed by a servant of heaven) he took off in the Impala and went to see Lisa, the hot girl with a son he thought might be his, to tell her that if he wasn’t a hunter he would have married her… And you know what (assuming I hadn’t met Jo first) I would marry her too! But the reason he drops this bombshell on Lisa? Because he is about to go and say yes to Michael, with the condition that Lisa and her son Ben are protected.

The title of next week’s episode “Point of No Return” certainly suggests that Dean will go through with his plan but we’ll have to wait and see…

FlashForward – Queen Sacrifice

This week FlashForward turns into 24 as moles are abound in the FBI office… That’s right I said “moles” plural. It seems that the Three Star gang are watching Mark Benford very closely and they are using one of his closest allies to do so. My problem here is that Janis has been FAR TOO HELPFUL to be a mole. She discovered the man in the stadium, the crow death in Somalia… if she is working against Benford she isn’t doing a very good job.

Of course, the intent might not be to burn the investigation, but to help it along for another insidious purpose. However with both Janis and Simon working against them the Mosaic task force seems pretty well screwed.

Also this week Bryce finally admits he has feelings for Nicole, while the love of his life, Keiko, lands herself a job in a chop shop, only to be arrested by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) the following day. This was an endearing segment of the FlashForward story that hints at the future being malleable.

All in all this episode was ok. In some aspects it was ridiculous (not as bad as Lost though) but it was also cute and interesting. I’m interested to see where Janis’ character will be taken now that she is revealed as a mole, in fact, that’s more interesting than the series tagline “There will be another Blackout” Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait til next week for answers.

Clone Wars – The Zillo Beast & The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

In the first of these two episodes the Jedi are on the homeworld of the Dugs (the same race as Sebula the podracer from episode one) seeking a treaty to secure a fuel supply. To win the Dugs over the Jedi must destroy a massive droid army using a new EMP type bomb. The bomb however created a sink hole which releases the Zillo beast, a creature that looks not unlike Groudon (the big red pokemon from the Ruby edition of that game and yes I had to use wikipedia to find out the name!). The Dugs insist on killing the creature, while Mace Windu is intent on keeping it alive.

To that end the Jedi work together to bring it down, but alive, getting the Dugs to sign the treaty and transporting the beast off world… to Coruscant no less… Is it just me or can you say “Godzilla”?

So, predictably, the Zillo beast got loose and set about destroying downtown as it searched for the man that had sentenced it to death, Senator Palpatine. This second episode, due to it’s predictable nature, was a lot less satisfying. The end however was unexpected as Senator Palpatine ordered the doctor in charge of the project to attempt to clone the Zillo beast… presumably for an episode entitled “Return of the Zillo Beast” Although an unexpected twist I can’t say it’s a particularly thrilling one.

Stargate Universe – Divided

Well, this week saw the return of the nameless aliens that are plaguing Destiny. Apparently they want the ship for themselves (although they seem to plan on getting it by blowing it up… huh?) and to that end they implanted a tracking device in Rush so they can follow her through FTL.

To keep Col. Young from flushing him out the airlock Rush takes over the ship, or at least he tries to. However when his plan endangers Young and Scott he stops, surely it would have made more sense to sacrifice them but never mind.

This week was better than last, but not a whole lot, that’s why it took me so long to get round to watching it. Bring back Caprica… that’s what I say.

Legend of the Seeker –Desecrated

This week’s Legend of the Seeker was yet another one off story. There wasn’t even a mention of the Keeper or the Stone of Tears. This whole season-long story arc has been really rather disappointing. At least when Richard was after Darken Rahl in season one, it felt like he was getting somewhere, but this season the “compass” has just led Richard, Kahlan and Zed on a wild goose chase of unconnected and relatively unexciting errands.

Next week’s episode promises to be somewhat more interesting as John Rhys Davies, the professor from Sliders, or, as some know him, Gimli from The Lord of the Rings, joins the cast. In these final few episodes I’m hoping for some real story telling, some real action and some real consequences, although I’m not holding my breath.

Coming Soon

I’m pretty sure that a new episode of How I Met Your Mother will air on Monday with more from all of our favourites here at Two Cents. Also I’m not sure what this week’s spotlight might be on but we’ll see later. Until next week, this has been My Two Cents…

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