Friday, 24 April 2009

That’s All Folk’s… Or Is It?

snapshot So it looks like Chuck is wrapping itself up, in fact it almost screams “Cancel Me!” with this weeks episode Chuck vs. the Colonel.

I watched Chuck vs. the First Kill and vs. the Colonel back to back last night, which, as they are practically two parts of the same episode, worked out rather nicely. Nearly every loose end was wrapped up across these two episodes leaving the show in a good place if it is to be cancelled, however, there is still one episode left this season and knowing Chuck, it’s going to take this weeks nicely balled up string and run amok with it, leaving the show so tangled that it just has to come back! *Fingers Crossed*

Ok, so since the start of the second season I’ve had a couple of predictions about the direction the show would take. One was that Sarah and Chuck had to get it on and the second was that Morgan would find out about Chuck’s secret life, however EP and writer Matt Miller had different plans.

snapshot(0) Chuck vs. the Colonel opens with Chuck and Sarah on the run after General Beckman decides that project Bartowski is over. They arrive at Black Rock, the secret Fulcrum base, that doesn’t exist, where Chuck’s father Orion is being held. Now it may just be me but if i were looking for a secret base I would assume it would be hidden, say, under the ground! But not Chuck and Sarah. Instead they check into a local motel, getting a room with only one bed! Is Chuck really looking for his father, or is he just enjoying being on the lamb with Sarah? Hmmm…

So back at Castle General Beckman promotes Casey to Colonel and then sets him loose on Chuck and Sarah with a kill or capture order. However in his hurry Casey accidentally alerts Devon “Capt. Awesome” and sets the ball rolling for this weeks big shakeup.snapshot(3)

Back at the Motel Chuck and Sarah get ready for bed and Chuck makes some noise about sleeping on the floor… He protests too much me thinks… (we’ve all been there Chucky, we know what you’re upto.") However a seemingly clueless Sarah mutters those immortal words we all want to hear “No it’s ok… the floor is gross and I’m not going to make you sleep on it.” and as they lay there together Sarah confesses why she is helping Chuck in a classic touching moment that we have come to expect from these two.

And so they fall asleep and when they wake up they fall into a passionate embrace that has Chuck running to the snapshot(2)bathroom to check his wallet, only to find a note from his old buddy Morgan “I owe you one condom” Brilliant!

Casey discovers Chuck and Sarah but so too do Fulcrum and a brilliant fight ensues with a radiator and some exceptional comedy from Adam Baldwin and Zack Levi “You can’t kill me with that radiator, it is far too confined in this car for you to get the appropriate torque.”

Back at the Buy More Morgan is dealing with his bad decision to help Emmett that led to Big Mike getting fired. Devon turns up to ask about Chuck and Casey and so Jeff and Lester show him the contents of John’s locker. Shocked and appalled and just a little scared about his soon-to-be brother-in-law Capt. Awesome makes a house call at Casey’s apartment. The well meaning Captain fails tosnapshot(4) figure out the truth but accidentally triggers Casey’s burglar alarm, locking himself in Casey’s living room.

Chuck and Sarah are now safely back at Castle, locked in a holding cell when the alarm goes off and Casey goes home. Moments later, as act of defiance to the new management Jeff and Lester blow the power for the entire block, knocking out Castle’s defences and allowing Chuck and Sarah to escape. Meanwhile Casey returns home and is about kill the beloved Dr. Woodcomb and a small part of me thought they might just do it!

Back when I first watched season 1 I couldn’t help but dislike Awesome, I couldn’t see any reason why Ellie liked him or why Chuck was so happy to have him as a brother in law, however now, Ryan McPartlin is so very very charismatic that you can’t help but fall in love with Awesome.

Anyway… Sarah shows up just in the nick of time followed by Chuck, who, so glad to finally have the opportunity to share his burden spills all to the Captain before Sarah or Casey can stop him. After that Chuck and Sarah tie up Casey and flee, heading back to Black Rock to save to Orion, leaving Devon to cover with Ellie. Devon looks himself in the mirror as he wrestles with the news that Chuck is a spy. What an Awesome scene this was, the Captain looked like he would esnapshot(6)xplode he was that conflicted. Brilliant, very funny.

Back at Black Rock Casey catches up with Chuck and warns him that Beckman has ordered an airstrike against the secret Fulcrum base. John points out the three flaws in Chuck’s plan to rescue his father. “You didn’t realise you were being trailed for the last half hour, you didn’t bring nearly enough firepower and you didn’t ask me to join!” Adam is great at delivering lines like this, it’s what made us fall in love with Jayne back on the firefly Serenity and its what makes agent Casey so special. It’d be a shame for Adam to loose another show, after all he hasn’t done a show yet that has lasted three seasons after he joined the cast!

So the three of them end up getting caught and made to watch as Ted Roark puts the intersect to use training a Fulcrum army. Except that, of course, Orion reprogrammed the intersect to wipe Chuck instead. Beckman’s airstrike arrives and the whole group manage to escape with Orion to return home in time for Awesome and Ellie’s wedding (next week), where we have a really nice bonding moment between Casey and Chuck and then Chuck and Sarah.

Back at the Buy More Morgan leaves in order to protect his honour, taking Anna with him as he goes off to pursue his dreams. snapshot(7)

Rising from the ashes Ted Roark thumbs a lift, muttering menacingly “Got a wedding to go to…”

So then… everything but the wedding is all wrapped up. Chuck no longer has the intersect in his head (but we don’t know if he still has the Fulcrum intersect in there.) and he and Sarah very-nearly-almost got it on. And someone did find out about Chuck, but it wasn’t Morgan and when i found out it was Devon, i couldn’t honestly think of anyone less likely but at the same time better, a real stroke of genius.

So if the show gets another series, where does it go from here? What will happen when Ted shows up at the wedding? Will Chuck’s cover be blown? Will it be revenge time? Will Ted kill Orion or possibly Ellie or Awesome? Clearly something truly diabolical must be coming because Chuck has to feel the need for revenge otherwise he wouldn’t ask for the intersect to be put back in his head… because lets face it, he’s going to ask for it back. Or maybe next season takes a new direction, maybe Chuck decides to join the CIA and become an Agent. That would lead to a whole different feel to the show and snapshot(8)enable them to get away from “The Intersect” driven plotlines for a little while.

And what about the Buy More crew, with Morgan and Anna gone and Chuck finally able to move on with his life will we be saying goodbye to Emmett, Big Mike, Jeff and Lester?

All these questions and more will be answered, but only if NBC (or CW) pick up Chuck for a new season… Please, please, please do! Can’t wait ‘til next week to find out what will happen when Ellie Bartowski becomes Ellie Awesome but until then, this has been My Two Cents.

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