Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Is This Goodbye…?

So this week there are rumblings in the TV world that several shows are facing the axe, including several of my favourites!

Firstly it appears NBC would like to make some cuts to make way for Jay Leno, five hours a week apparently. That’s a lot of Jay, its also a lot of cuts. And unfortunately it appears that Chuck is in the firing line.

One of my favourite shows of the year, Chuck, has seen its viewing figures since the hiatus drop from nearly 9 million to just over 6. (Million obviously, otherwise there would no speculation.) Where as its partner in crime Heroes is pulling over 8 million an episode. Don’t get me wrong, I love Heroes and this series has been awesome but i really thought it was for the great trash can in the sky. However NBC has apparently renewed it for next year, however probably only one Chapter as opposed to the two we got this year.

But its not all doom and gloom for poor Chucky, apparently the guys over at the CW are interested in saving the show should NBC drop it. Of course this is not confirmed, but it would be great if Chuck can be saved. As far as i can tell NBC don’t own the rights to the series so another network should be able to pick it up, unlike the ill-fated Firefly! And of course if CW did pick Chuck up it could join two of my favourite shows Reaper and Supernatural!

Anyway, talking of Firefly, that brings us nicely to the old Fox vs. Whedon bit! Joss is so incredibly talented and he generates such loyalty from fans that you would have thought by now that networks would just leave him to get on with stuff, but talk is rife about Dollhouse facing extinction without even reaching  its second season. Now, as far as i know, none of this talk is from Fox themselves. Like i said, they’ve made the mistake of cancelling Whedon projects too early before and they also canned Eliza’s show Tru Calling after only a season, in favour of Marti Noxon’s excellent but ultimately doomed Point Pleasant. Hopefully all of that has taught the network that Joss can do it, but still people speculate. 

So, the actual figures? Well the most recent episode managed 3.6 million viewers. And while brothers Joss and Jed fret over that figure brother Zack has to worry about his gravy train pulling out too! Zack has written or co-written three episodes of the new Fox series Fringe and there is talk that Fringe, like its extras, are not long for this world.

So, in short, yey for Heroes and Lost (which is almost defiantly going to get whatever it wants.) but tonight our prayers and eyeballs are with those shows in the cutting room! (I know that’s not where network cuts actually happen)

Anyway, that’s My Two Cents, please, please, please keep watching Chuck, Dollhouse and Fringe so that we can keep these shows on the air! Thank you.

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