Friday, 3 April 2009

A Fond Farewell

Yesterday I learned that actor and singer Andy Hallett had died. Andy was most well known for his role as “The Host” Lorne on the hit tv show “Angel” of which I was a massive fan. Andy was a great addition to the cast in season 2 of the Buffy spin off, opening the first episode of the season in his karaoke bar and closing his first season by having his head cut off. After that Lorne went on to be one of my favourite characters on the show and I was very glad to see him finally get his name in the credits halfway through season 4. Although season 5 of Angel was without a doubt the strongest season of the show, poor Andy seemed a little sidelined, (although it was towards the end of filming that he began having heart problems so maybe this affected his role on the show,) however his big farewell was one of the most effective shots of the big finale, an excellent exit for an excellent character and a brilliant actor. Andy you will be missed, sleep tight x 

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