Sunday, 31 May 2009

Some Sad News…

So, this was announced a few weeks back but I was too busy writing about Lost to mention it, however it seems that the CW have cancelled Reaper, meaning that the episode that aired on Tuesday was the last we will see of it. Apparently ABC who produced the show are looking to find it a new home (now I don’t claim to understand the world of TV but don’t ABC have their own channel???) however I don't think people are holding out much hope. 

In possibly even worse news, the Kuzuis are talking about a new Buffy Movie. Now, don’t get me wrong, Buffy and Angel were awesome and I have seen both at least 3 times each, however what made them great was not Fran and Kaz… Nope, it was Joss, Tim Minear, David Greenwalt, Marti Noxon, David Fury, Jane Espenson, the list goes on and that is exactly what this film, if it ever comes to light wont have. Fran Kuzui directed the original (terrible) Buffy movie and was a driving force being getting Fox on board with the Tv Show (So I read at any rate.) However her decision to attempt a solo flick without Joss or the other writers  seems doomed to failure.

On top of not taking on Joss there is talk of the movie not featuring any of the original cast and characters which really begs the question why bother at all. Interviews I have read with Anthony Head and Sarah Michelle Geller certainly suggest they are not on board and apparently the most anyone has heard from creator Joss is “I hope it’s awesome.” The main problem I have with the concept is that you have to see it to go “Yup, it was crap.” but by then you’ve paid your money and made it a hit with a sequel and a cartoon mini series!

Finally I want to end this mini update on a high note and so here goes… THEY’RE BACK! Yes, at long long last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original series from 1987) has made it to Britain on DVD. A special 25th (I know the figures don't add up, I’m assuming its a comic book anniversary) anniversary edition compiling the first two seasons of the original series has arrived in the UK. I can’t vouch for the DVD yet, but I can for the episodes. I’ve watched all the episodes so far released in the US and the first and second series are some of the best.

Even better, maybe, the first series never saw the light of day in  the Uk except as clips in the poorly edited “How It All Began.” on VHS. The episode was composed of clips from the first 8 episodes, the first 5 of season 1 and three from season 2 all mushed together and it made very little sense. Now you can see the entire origin story in excellent DVD quality as you take a trip down memory lane. The set contains all 5 episodes from season 1 and all 13 episodes from season 2 with the bonus 4 episodes from season 10 (which makes no sense as the animation is completely different, as is the tone of the show, but hey, they’re free episodes and its turtles…!)

So to finish, the shameless plug, you can buy the 25th Anniversary set from My Amazon Store, it’s the same as buying it from Amazon except I get 5%… hint hint… Anyway, I hope to be back soon with more TV news, stay tuned!


  1. Actually, things aren't looking so bleak for Reaper as you think. Industry insiders confirm Hollywood Reporter's article that ABC Studios is actively trying to sell Reaper. Syndication is a very real possiblity right now, but EVERYONE is recommending writing your affiliates! Help out! All details here: or visit for the most up-to-date information.

    The feedback from the affiliates has been very positive, and now there's word ABC is trying to sell it to SciFi or SpikeTV *and* syndication. Check it out. :D

  2. Oops, forgot to add Reaper is made by ABC Studios (owned by ABC). They make a bunch of shows that are NOT shown on ABC. That's pretty typical of network studios. Many of them make shows for their own network, and sell off to other networks. Not every show on ABC for instance is made by ABC Studios, and ABC Studios makes shows shown on CBS, CW, syndication, etc.

  3. Thanks for the info... I realise that studios produce stuff for other networks etc, my comment was a bit sarcastic actually, as in "If you wanna keep reaper so bad... put it on your network..." This series hasn't been the best of the two but it will be a shame if it doesn't get picked up elsewhere. Although from what I've read haven't Fox poached the creators? Do we want reaper back with different people steering the ship? Thanks for reading :)



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