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The Others Follow the Leader in Lost…

So, following Daniel’s death Jack swaps roles with John Locke and  becomes the man of Faith, while Locke takes on the role of Sayid snapshotas the man of Action and poor old Richard gets stuck between them both.

Down on the beach in 2007 Richard Alpert is finishing construction on a ship in a bottle. I’m assuming its a model of the Black Rock, possibly a hint to Richard’s own origins? Locke comes down the beach, a boar slung over his shoulders and tells Richard they have an errand to run. This is new for Locke, the new spiritually enlightened Locke is telling Richard what to do, where as the old Locke looked to him for answers. Richard comments on the change in Locke and John replies “I have a purpose now!”

John has a purpose? In 2007? Doesn’t that suggest that whatever Jack Kate and Sawyer are doing back in 1977 has no purpose?

Sun and Ben approach keeping their distance and proceeding to give a little exposition for the benefit of those who haven’t quite been keeping up. “His name is Richard Alpert, he’s a kind of advisor…  and he has had that job for a very very long time.” Realising what he means Sun dashes up to Richard hoping snapshot(0)that he has seen her husband. “Yes I was here 30 years ago and yes I remember meeting these people because I watched them all die!”

Really? All of them? Well as we will see later in this episode at least three of the people in the photo get off the island before the incident, however I can’t think, offhand, when Richard has ever been anything but truthful, so why would he lie now? Also having recently re-watched season 4, in particular “Cabin Fever” where Horace admits to having been dead for 12 years in 2004, we can safely assume that the purge didn’t happen until 1992, so did Richard see them all die in 1977 or 1992 as he was likely present at both events?

Anyway, Locke asks Richard for his compass back and then Richard and Ben head off into the jungle. However not before Locke promises Sun he will help find a way to save Jin. The problem I have here is why Sun stayed in 2007? Why was she not dragged back in time like everyone else? Is it because she was not supposed to be on flight 815? Was she supposed to leave Jin because their destinies lay apart from one another?

Jack and Kate are brought before Ellie, who, having read the message future Ellie wrote, realises that Daniel is telling the truth and that he is her son. I’m also thinking that either Ellie is pregnant with or has already given birth to baby Daniel by this point. Before Ellie questions them, Jack and Kate discuss just exact what will happen if they put things right. “Our plane never snapshot(1) crashes, flight 815 lands in Los Angeles” Jack says. “And everyone we lost since we got here, they’d all be alive.” (That’s the self sacrificing Jack we all know and love.) “And what about us?” Kate responds, selfishly. “We just go on, living our lives, because we’ve never met.” Jack has just told her they can save the lives of everyone, all three hundred and odd people and all Kate can say is “What about us?” The same Kate who told Jack she didn’t want to see him again?

Ellie enters and demands to know what Daniel planned to do with the H-bomb, codename “Jughead”. Jack tells her that Daniel had figured out a way to change things and that if she helps him she wont have killed Daniel, that she can take it all back. Ellie turns to Kate and asks “Does he know what he’s taking about?” Kate snapshot(2)replies “He thinks he does.” And with a season to go and the need for a finale I'm inclined to agree with Kate, Jack is wrong. Daniel has always insisted that you cannot change the past, but he has realised that they are an integral part of it, that in order to  preserve things everything must happen as it did before, including his own death and to ensure that happened after he died he gave Jack hope that he could change things. Thus I think that Jack will echo John Locke’s words at the end of season 2 “What have I done?”

Back at the Dharma security station Sawyer and Juliet are being interrogated by Radzinsky, Horace and Phil. Sawyer refuses to talk and Radzinsky beats him. Horace tries to stop hsnapshot(3)im but Radzinsky has taken charge and refuses to acknowledge Horace’s authority.

Hugo, Miles and Jin are making their plans to escape when Chang  catches them. Troubled by Faraday’s “We’re from the future” talk he confronts Miles and Hurley and quickly breaks down Hurley’s alibi “Who is the president of the united states?” “Alright dude, we’re from the future.” Chang inquires about the incident and Miles tells him that if Daniel warned him he should listen.

Meanwhile back in 2007 Locke and Richard prepare for Locke’s jump forward in time when Richard will give him the compass and tells him he needs to bring everyone back to the island. They arrive at almost the exact moment, a point which is commented on by Ben. “Your timing is impeccable John, how did you know when to be here?” Locke replies “The Island told me.” Something it had never done with Ben, maybe because Ben was never meant to be in charge and that his usurpation of Charles’ position was in someway against the island’s wishes, which brings into question Richard and if he really has the islands best interests at heart. After all it was he who healed Ben and he who instated Ben as leader.

Chang comes into the security station and tells them to evacuate, but he stops in his tracks when he sees Sawyer and Juliet. Stuart Radzinsky turns on Chang snapshot(5)and asks him why he isn't at the Swan. Chang replies that he believes there will be a cataclysmic event  should they continue drilling. Stuart replies they will drill and on schedule. Chang turns to Horace “You’re in charge.” but Stuart cuts him off “He’s not in charge anymore!” Is that why Radzinsky ends up in the swan, his penance for ignoring the warning is to push the button? Is it because he feels guilty for all the lives lost that he blows the back of his head off all over the ceiling of the Swan?

Sawyer realises the danger they are all in, and unable to save anyone else, he chooses to save himself and Juliet by turning the Others in for a place on the Sub. A tactic he had admonished Michael for only last season.

Richard and Ellie have brought Jack and Kate to the river where Sayid meets up with them. Kate is appalled by the two men and there way of dealing with things and so once again she storms off into the jungle. Does that girl ever stick with anything? She spends more time traipsing across the island from one group to the other than she ever does actually in the group.

Hurley, Jin and Miles spy on Chang as he demands his wife gets on the sub with baby Miles, yelling at her so that she will leave, giving Miles closure, letting him know that his father really did love his mother and that he made her leave to save her. Juliet and Sawyer are loaded into the sub as well and before climbing down snapshot(6)inside Sawyer turns around long enough to mutter “Good riddance.” Is it really though? Is that it for Sawyer and Juliet? If  they are off the island in 1977 can they make it back to 2007? Sawyer and Juliet have a touching moment where each says “I love you” only for it to ruined moments later as Kate is thrown in as well and the sub sets off in some of the worst CG on Lost to date.

Jack, Richard, Ellie and Sayid swim under the river to the tunnels where the bomb is. Sayid points out that Ellie is only helping them because she wants to wipe out the Dharma Initiative and Jack replies he knows, but still trusts her… I wonder if Ellie gets herself kicked off the island before Charles, for helping Jack and Sayid maybe, because right now it looks like she is charge not Charles yet later on he definitely is. That make me wonder if she is Penny’s mother, that it was her that Charles left the island so frequently snapshot(7) for, that eventually got him kicked out too?

Back on the beach John has rounded up the Others and is taking them to see Jacob. Richard is not happy about this, remarking to Ben “I think John Locke is gonna be trouble.” Ben replies “Why do you think I tried to kill him?” As they march off down the beach Ben lets Locke know Richard’s reservations, maybe because Smokey-Alex has told Ben to side with Locke or maybe because Ben is playing Richard and Locke off against each other in the hope of regaining power. Ben tells Locke that he is here to help and if Jacob can help Locke get back to his people then… but Locke replies, a mite too quickly. “I’m not interested in being reunited with my people. Thsnapshot(8)at’s not why we’re going to Jacob. “ “Then why?” replies Ben. “So i can kill him!” Wyyyyoooo Doof “LOST”

So that’s it for another week. Richard really has “Lost” control  hasn’t he? I’m guessing he couldn’t stop Jack back in 1977 and now he has Locke to contend with in 2007. Of course there are other questions to contend with too. Is there really a Jacob or is Richard the man behind the mask? Is the concept of Jacob just a way to keep the Others in line or is there really a snapshot(9)greater power on the island? And if there is, can it be killed?

And what about this for a theory? I think that it may have all happened before. Jack’s dad, Christian Shepherd, was responsible for Jack and Anna being on the plane and in a lesser way for Claire too, all of whom have had a major influence on events on the island. He, like John, was dead and like John is now walking about  the island. So I pose the question, did Christian have to die to return to the island, like John too? Was Christian Shepherd a part of the Dharma Initiative or an Other?

I just thought I'd throw it out there. Anyhow, that’s my Two Cents until next time when I will bring you my take on Heroes Volume 4: Fugitives.  

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