Thursday, 21 May 2009


Ok, just a quick update, the second part of my Lost blog will go up tomorrow, however I just wanted to post this list. I apologise now if the shows you want to know about aren’t here…

Everything I watch has been renewed!

Chuck has definitely got a third season, however it seems only thirteen episodes have been confirmed and possible budget cuts may see one of the cast axed from the show, no word on who that could be though.

Dollhouse too has been renewed for another 13 episodes, despite the odds and FOX’s other new show Fringe will be returning for a second season as well.

On CW Supernatural will return for a fifth season (Can’t wait for the season four DVD’s so I can catch up with Sam and Dean.) No word yet on Reaper which finishes it’s 13 episode run next week.

CBS have renewed the Unit for its fifth season. Heroes too is getting a fourth season and according to EW NBC will be ordering between 18 and 20 episodes so we can probably expect two volumes ,one in the fall and one in the spring.

ABC definitely have Lost returning for its final season which will probably be around 17 episodes, the same as season 5 and apparently they have also renewed Scrubs (despite the finale of the season 8) with Zach Braff and the other series cast returning for at least six episodes. And with the pilot of a new sci-fi series Flash Forward also airing soon on ABC we may have even more to expect from them next year.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. As for Reaper it seems no news is good news. We're still fighting for this show. Any Reaper fans? Although the CW is not picking up Reaper, we not giving up yet. ABC Studios is still trying to move the show into syndication or cable. We're advocating all Reaper fans to write their CW affiliates. All links and info here: And don't forget to contact ABC Studios and thank them for not giving up on Reaper.


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