Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tv Nibble: Heroes

Well, last season, it would appear I was one of the few people snapshot(4)singing Heroes praises. Fugitives was definitely the best season so far, with a deep and interesting story. So far, Redemption is not living up to the standard of Fugitives. It’s certainly watchable and you can see the development of some clever story arcs, but it just feels a little slow getting going.

However, lets not dwell on that, lets look at what I did like from this weeks episode “Ink”. Although Orientation did some of the leg work with introducing the new Heroes, Ink is really about bringing us the new character of Samuel Sullivan. Samuel appears to be a Magneto like character, the head of a brotherhood of mutants, focused on using his powers for a personal vendetta and using other Heroes to achieve that goal. Interesting that he should choose Hiro and Peter to try and subvert, the two snapshot(6)character who are firmly devoted to helping others. I think it might be interesting to see where that goes.

However, what interested me more this episode was where the show has taken the character of Sylar. Anyone who followed my updates last season probably knows I’m not a fan. I personally thought Sylar should have either died in season 1 or been retired for a season or two and brought back, like a proper supervillain. However the end of last season made his character much more intriguing.

Matt Parkman took Sylar’s mind from his body and forced him to believe he was Nathan Petrelli, a process that is now unravelling. However, true to all good science fiction, nothing can be unmade, everything goes somewhere and Sylar’s mind somehow bled into Parkman’s. Throughout this episode Sylar snapshot(7)offers Parkman a choice, set him free or he will ruin your life.

This is what heroes has always been about for me, forcing good people to make difficult choices and more often that not, watching them fail and having to deal with the consequences. I wasn’t sure that Zachary Quinto would return to the show this season, after his “death” at the end of season 3 and his fame and glory in the world of the big screen, but now, I’m really glad he did. 

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