Monday, 28 September 2009

Tv Nibble: Supernatural

Welcome to the first of what I am going to call Tv Nibbles. Basically as we go into TV season I have so much to watch and write (not including my three other blogs) that I wont have time to do full page analysis of every episode of every show. So instead I will try to do a daily or every other snapshot(15)daily “nibble” covering just a small aspect of a show that I found interesting this week.
First up for a nibble is Supernatural “Free to be You and Me” This weeks episode was interesting. Sam and Dean have split up and gone their separate ways and what’s more it looks like Dean has no desire to reunite them. In the past it was always Dean that believed they were stronger as a family but now it looks like they are headed for the final confrontation with the two brothers fighting on opposite side.  This week, series regular Jeremy Carver, reveals that Sam is destined to be Lucifer’s vessel, in the same way that Dean is destined tsnapshot(16)o be Michael's. Assuming this is true the two brothers will eventually have to destroy one another in order to save the world!
And if Sam is going to become Lucifier, I’m guessing it will be around the time of the midseason break, because Lost will need Mark Pellegrino back to continue his role as the mysterious Jacob as the islanders begin the countdown to the show’s finale! 

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