Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Coming This September

So its Tv time again and so I have done my research and I can bring you my guide for the end of the month…

ABC ‘s new series Flash Forward starts on the 24th, originally pitched as a companion to Lost it seems that ABC want to see if it can stand on its own feet first. John Cho, Sonya Walger and Jack Davenport are just three reasons I’m looking forward to this new sci-fi-esk show, the kind of mysterious drama we are beginning to expect from our Tv sets.

The fourth series of Heroes starts on the 21st and as yet I can’t tell you if it will be in two smaller chapters or one big one, but I can tell you that I’m looking forward to how they deal with the Nathan/Sylar issue.

The excellent Dollhouse returns on the 25th and I’ll be interested to see if it can stay afloat for another season. The information I have is that there will be 13 episodes but I wonder if FOX might extend that based on viewing figures to a full 22 episode series after christmas… (You realise this FOX Chris? They’ll probably cancel it before the first episode airs!)

Fox’s other sci-fi show Fringe starts on the 17th and they have a lot of explaining to do if a new audience is going to buy into the story.

Bones starts on the 17th as well, however I wont be tuning in as I’m still waiting on the third series to arrive on DVD, but for those of you keeping up to date with Angel’s… er…. I mean Booths travels with Temperance then you will be getting your fix soon.

The Cw’s Supernatural starts on the 10th and in my opinion one of the best shows of the last five years. However I’m still waiting for season 4 to be released in the slimline case so this one is off my watch list too!

For the Brits, Merlin is also due to start up again in September and Top Gear is due to return in November. Merlin in particular surprised me with its quality, especially after the terrible fall into depravity that was the latest series of Robin Hood. However Merlin will struggle to recover from the poorly executed series finale.

BSG: The Plan is due to air sometime in November, after the DVD release on October 27th and I can’t wait to get my Battlestar fix. I discovered the show only weeks after it was locked away in the dark cabinet forever and with a new release I feel like I can finally be part of the in-crowd…

The pilot for V is apparently due to air 3rd November, which seems odd as the rest of the series wont air for a significant time after that. I’ll keep you updated on this…

Caprica has been moved back to January, Day 8 of 24 will begin in January, along with Lost and hopefully Chuck, as well as Scrubs: Interns.

So that’s it. If I missed something let me know. If there is a show you think I should check out just comment on this post and I’ll do my best to get round to it.

This has been My Two Cents Tv Guide, not long to go now… :)

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