Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tv Nibble: Flash Forward Comes Clean

I’ve accused Flash Forward before of remaining completely irrelevant until the last possible moment, but I never realised I was talking about the whole series. This week’s episode “A561984”, the last episode before the hiatus, was a non-snapshot(2) stop rollercoaster of information and reveals.

Demetri and Mark head off to China in the hopes of changing the future and preventing Demetri’s ultimate demise by discovering the Iranian woman who rang Demetri 7 episode ago. Meanwhile Myhill, Simcoe and Campos come out and admit that their experiment happened to coincide with the flash forward.  

Tracking down the Iranian woman causes Mark no problems at all, neither does making her talk… and talk she does. She tells Demetri exactly who will kill him and even the snapshot(0)serial number of the gun that would be used. To be precise, it would be Mark’s gun!

In an effort to change that very future Mark takes her hostage and ensures that Agent Wedeck has no other option than to can his ass. Off the mosaic team and out of the FBI, Mark believes that he can no longer live out the future he has seen.

Meanwhile the members of the National Linear Accelerator Project (or NLAP) have gone their separate ways. Simon Campos has turned to the FBI, offering to help Wedeck (and presumably replacing Mark as the head of the Mosaic project). Janis shows him the five towers in Somalia. Simon applauds the FBI’s creativity, claiming the towers almost look real. However when snapshot(1)Wedeck points out that they are real Simon is angry and claims it is impossible.

It turns out that Simon designed these laser accelerator thingies in 1992, a year after they were built, and they are still only a theory, not an actual reality. Are we therefore looking at another show about time travel? Or is Simon not as clever as he thinks he is?

Also in this episode Zoey finally realises the truth behind her flash forward, she is not at her wedding, but in truth she is at Demetri’s funeral, which resolves that inconsistency.

Meanwhile Lloyd is trying to get his son to a more secure location, helped by the almost flirtatious Olivia, however (as was pretty obvious) the ambulance drivers are phoneys and they snapshotbundle Lloyd into the back of the ambulance and drive away.


So, a pretty exciting episode, probably the best so far. It certainly looks like when the show returns (February?) we’ll be looking a different format. Simon will be helping the FBI, while Mark will have gone rogue. Unfortunately I still don't really care much about the other characters back stories so I’m still just hoping for answers about the blackout and the flash forward but this episode was enough to keep me hooked until Flash Forward returns in 2010.

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