Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tv Nibble: Heroically Bad Exit

This week’s Heroes “The Fifth Stage” was truly a mishmash of good plot, mixed with terrible script/direction choices.

Claire and Gretchin go to see Samuel. While Noah and Lauren try to figure out what Samuel’s plan is. However the core of this snapshot(7)week’s episode is Peter and Sylar/Nathan.

Taking the Haitian’s ability Peter sets out after Sylar. I really liked this plot twist. Peter intended to use René’s ability to purge Sylar’s memories, leaving only Nathan. Great! We get rid of Sylar! Plus Peter could have turned darkside, tormented by what he had done in order to return his brother.

Instead, Peter returns Nathan, but Sylar remains intact inside. Nathan decides he cannot live this way and throws himself off a building. This is a truly terrible moment and one of the worst “death scenes” in the show, ever! Also, it was incredibly dumb. As Nathan’s body falls out of range of Peter’s ability Sylar takes over and heals himself. Why didn’t Nathan stab himself, or blow his brains out? Do something where Peter’s ability to stop other abilities would mean that Sylar would die too? If snapshot(8)Nathan had determined to take himself out of the game, why not do one last good deed?

Ok, so maybe I just want Sylar dead… The episode ended with Claire choosing to stay with Samuel. However, Samuel comments “She is not the one I’m after” so can we assume, by that, he means Noah? Or maybe Peter? As Samuel does the final pontificating voice over bit that almost all episode of Heroes end with we see flashes of the other characters. Most interestingly Hiro, Ando and Mohinder, all of whom appear to be running through a jungle. Oddly, last time we saw Ando he was in Japan, Hiro was in the circus and Mohinder was in a mental asylum, how exactly did they all end up together? I’m guessing we’ll find out soon!

Heroes will return in January for the final six episodes of Redemption.  

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