Friday, 4 December 2009

Tv Nibble: Epitaph One Flashbacks – Part 9

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I’ve been putting off writing the final Flashback because I’ve enjoyed this series of posts so much that I hoped it wouldn’t have to end. However, with Dollhouse Doubles on the horizon in a snapshot(11)matter of hours, now feels like the time to conclude Epitaph One and look to the FUTURE…

This week’s flashback is really a continuation of last weeks. When we left our heroes, Topher had gone loopy, DeWitt had gone soft and Echo and Ballard had come through a cinderblock wall.

The Flashback starts with Dr. Saunders sewing up a wound on Echo’s leg. “Glad to see the Doctor back in the House.” Echo remarks. I’m assuming then that Dr. Saunders took off again at some point, rather than that she hadn’t returned after she left in season 2 and before Echo busted out of the Dollhouse. Echo asks snapshot(10)about her face and Dr. Saunders replies “It’s a long story.”

“It’ll be difficult getting everyone to the compound.” Echo says, changing the subject. “The Tech Thingy doesn’t travel.” She is talking about the cure, the way to stop people being imprinted wirelessly. “It works?” Saunders asks. “We have Alpha to thank for that.” Echo replies. She does not however explain why Alpha is to thank. Is he helping the resistance or did something that Alpha did to/for Echo lead her to the cure? Is Alpha at the compound? Something inside me hopes that Alpha lived through to this point in the Story, although with Joss “Salvation” doesn’t tend to happen without sacrifice.

“I’m surprised to see you and Paul together.” Saunders remarks. “The jury is out on together, but he’s got my back.” This implies that Echo is now Caroline once more and that any emotional attachments Echo might have formed with her snapshot(12)Handler/Would-be-Saviour have been wiped clean.

“I need Topher to put me in the Chair. Back me up on a drive, hard copy.” Echo knows that she might not make it back to the compound, the only way she can be sure everyone reaches “Safe Haven” is to make a copy of herself to guide those that she  cannot.

While Ballard preps the “lambs” DeWitt tries to pick a fight with Echo. She does so because she is more scared than she has ever been in her life. She is terrified that Echo/Caroline will leave her (and Topher) behind. “What about the rest of us, are you going to snapshot(13)save us too or have you come to kill us?” Caroline replies coldly “Can you give me a reason not to?”

“I’m not going to plead with you, you’re mind’s made up.” DeWitt says solemnly, ready to accept Echo’s judgement. Caroline draws a pistol and cocks it. “Yes it is…” She replies.


I’d like to hope that were that particular flashback ever to see airtime that Echo hands over the pistol and DeWitt finally takes her place on the right side of the fight, but now we’ll never know. Like we’ll never know why Sierra was not in the House or why Whiskey got left behind, or if Alpha is still alive, or any of a million questions that this singularly brilliant masterpiece posed to us.

This has been My Final Two Cents on a superb episode and a wonderful series. Tune in again soon for the Dollhouse Doubles series.    

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