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Weekly Round-Up: 17/01/10

Weekly RoundupWe’ve got a lot to cover this week with 3 episodes of Chuck, plus Dollhouse, Heroes and How I Met Your Mother with its musical 100th episode, so let’s get right down to it…



Chuck – Vs. The Pink Slip, Vs. The Three Words & Vs. The Angel de la Muerte

Yes, that’s right, 3 episodes of Chuck this week because one just isn’t enough. When we last left Chuck he had just turned super nerd, uttering those immortal words “I know Kung Fu.” and even I have to admit that I was worried about how season 3 would pan out.

But as it turns out, I had no need to fret. Yes Chuck knows Kung Fu, but he is still as inept and as funny as before. The first episode really focuses primarily on getting us back into the action and letting us know some of what Chuck can do. The real major plot developments are Chuck and Morgan’s return to the Buy More, the loss of Anna (she left Morgan and hasn’t returned) and the apparent death of Tony Hale’s Emmett. I say apparent because his death was not confirmed to the audience after he was shot and in Chuck people have been known to rise from the dead… ala Bryce.

The second of this week’s episodes continues that streak of unlikely guest stars that Chuck is becoming weirdly famous for as Vinnie Jones takes on the role of a hapless weapons dealer. Once again, the actual mission has little of interest, its just a backdrop for the character development, particularly Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. The episode had a lot of laughs and some really nice moments, especially during Chuck and Sarah’s sparring match.

The third and final episode of the week follows the same format of every other episode, although Devon’s knowledge of what Chuck does helps add some comedy and some nice interplay between two characters who don’t really get to play together often. But as the episode closed out I was ready to write that Chuck is on the verge of Power Rangers style storytelling, by which I mean, each episode Chuck can’t flash when he needs to, but then, right in the nick of time he can and saves the day, he might as well just morph into a megazoid.

I was about to write that down and suggest that Chuck needs to fail in at least one episode for us to start to feel the realism, to feel the threat and then what happens? The bad guys only go and get Devon! Now the writers have deliberately set it up to make us think Devon’s dead, but honestly, I can’t see it… Whatever the case, I got that funny tummy churning feeling I get whenever I fear the worst and my faith in Fedak and Schwarz was restored.


How I Met Your Mother – Girls Vs. Suits

I don't think I have ever known a show to get away with teasing us as much as H.I.M.Y.M… It’s been 5 seasons and still we haven’t met her. This week Ted is actually in his wife-to-be’s apartment and all we see is a foot! However, at this moment, Ted is more interested in her roommate, star of the O.C, Rachel Bilson (Although I know her better as the Deli Girl from Chuck). However, as he nearly always does, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) steals the show and makes it his own. Neil’s long await musical return closes out this episode, sure, it’s not Dr. Horrible… but it’s still pretty good.

Heroes – Close to You

Well… I got my wish. Last week I suggested that we should have a Claire/Sylar free episode and we did. In fact the infamous cheerleader only appeared briefly in the doorway of her dorm room to chat with Noah. I wonder if this week we will see that same conversation from the other side of the door, with Sylar holding her hostage?

Other significant things? Hiro, Ando and Mohinder escape the asylum and Ando’s red lightening conveniently cures Hiro’s scrambled mind. Peter takes his mother’s ability to dream the future and subsequently smashes Emma’s cello to stop her killing thousands of people. Meanwhile Parkman and Noah track down Vanessa, Samuel’s old flame, in the hopes of using her to capture Samuel. They fail and Samuel takes her hostage.

When Noah gets back Lauren finds him and they admit how they feel about each other, before being rudely interrupted by Hiro, Ando and Mohnider. An ok episode but ultimately it did nothing to further the story, it just brought a few people together for the fast approaching finale.

Overall Redemption has lacked some of the energy and imagination and character of Fugitives. It’s not been all bad, but there has been too much filler. 3 episodes left… I wonder who will be left alive at the end of it?

Dollhouse – Hollow Men

It may just be that I was expecting too much, but I was kind of disappointed by this weeks Dollhouse. Sure, the story was there, but the character development was not. It all felt a little off. Of all the series finales on all Joss Whedon shows, this ranks only a small amount above Objects in Space and way behind Chosen or Not Fade Away. I just don't understand why newcomers Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters were allowed anywhere near this script, especially after their rather dull first episode Instinct. I know Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen were working on Epitaph Two but surely Joss could have found the time to write the season finale?!

Ok… so it wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t everything I felt it could have been. Of course, I’m still spotlighting it this week and I can’t wait for Epitaph Two next week… It’s going to be awesome.

Coming Next Week

Another episode of Chuck where we will find out Awesome’s fate. The second and final Epitaph of Dollhouse, it’s going to be great, I just know it. But possibly even more important, next week sees the beginning of the end as Supernatural returns for the countdown to that final climatic battle between Good and Evil as Sam and Dean try to take down the Devil himself.

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