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Weekly Round-Up: 31/01/10

Weekly RoundupSo, it’s been an interesting week. Sadly Dollhouse came to an end with an Epitaph that was both great and yet, in a strange way, a little disappointing. Also SyFy returned with the first new episode of Caprica.

Please note, I try to be brief in these round-ups but they do contain some spoilers.

Heroes – The Art of Deception

As the title suggests, this weeks episode is about deception. Specifically between Samuel and Noah. After Claire discovers that Noah intends to kill Samuel and disband the carnival, she offers to negotiate a peaceful surrender. Samuel agrees, pretending to feel guilty for destroying that town the other week. However, he has really sent his right hand man, Eli (The Copy Cat), into the woods to open fire on the carnival, immediately prior to Samuel’s surrender, thus making it seem like Noah did not keep his word.

In the process however there were two casualties. The first being Lidia. Samuel confesses to her even as she lies dying that he was the one who got her killed; it is not apparent if Eli had specific orders to shoot Lidia, but I think it is a definite possibility. The other is poor Lauren, who, as she lies dying in the woods, manages to call for help from non-other than Tracy-Freakin-Strauss.

However, all that Samuel nonsense pails into insignificance when we look at the truly dark moment that Sylar and Matt share together in his basement. After his wife demands that Matt put Sylar somewhere he can never hurt anyone again, Matt takes her at her word and traps the killer inside his own mind. Much like Matt’s dad did to him and Nathan. But better still, Matt bricks Sylar up in basement…

Unfortunately Peter arrives and ruins all the fun! Heroes has been extended to 19 episodes now, so just two more to go but who else is for the chop?!

Chuck – Vs. First Class

This week’s episode introduces a possible replacement for Anna Wu as well as a new love interest for Chuck (and who can blame him) in the form of Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk. The episode itself is quite good too.

Shaw sends Chuck on his first solo mission, although to be fair, we’ve seen Chuck voluntarily take on harder missions by himself before. Shaw believes that Chuck could be a great asset but that Sarah smothers him. I wonder what Fedak and Schwarz have planned for the show if they are trying to teach Chuck to stand on his own two feet?

Supernatural – Swap Meat

This week Supernatural delivers another one of their, fast becoming, trademark Bait and Switch episodes. By this I mean that they draw us into the episode and make us think, ah… it’s just a one off… and then they throw in some mythology just when we weren’t expecting it.

This weeks episode focuses on a “coven” of witches, well, three teenagers, who have taken it upon themselves to collect the devil’s bounty on Dean Winchester. Unwittingly however, they also nearly fulfil the prophecy in the process. Gary switches bodies with Sam so to get closer to Dean. If Gary were to say “Yes” to Lucifer…

I really wouldn’t have minded the episode going this way, but it didn’t, which means we still don't know, why or if Sam will allow himself to become Lucifer’s vessel.

However, with all this talk of a sixth season, I’m beginning to wonder just exactly how Eric intends to leave things this season. There have certainly been a lot of “Monster of the Week” style episodes of late (which I love btw) but you would have thought he’d be working on wrapping things up… Unless he is staying on???

But if that is true it makes THIS even more evil… *shakes fist with rage*… Damn you Kripke… Damn you to HELL!

Dollhouse – Epitaph Two

So, that’s it then, it’s over! Epitaph Two is unashamed of what it’s purpose is. It is the tomb stone for one of the best shows in recent times. It stands up and admits defeat, it is a calming word to the fans that the show is dead and that there will be no more.

By the time Epitaph Two is done the apocalypse has been averted and those responsible have been brought to justice. There is still so much we don't know, so much development from the characters we see in Dollhouse to those we see in the Epitaph that we will just never see. And if Epitaph Two has a major fault that is it. It’s a beautiful ending, but we missed out on the journey.

Join me later in the week as I break this final episode down and talk about exactly what I did and didn’t like about it.

The Clone Wars - The Mandalore Plot

After a rather disappointing episode last week, the Clone Wars returns with a story about the Death Watch. A group of Mandalorian warriors (the same race as Jango and Boba Fett), who, with the help of Count Dooku, are planning to overthrow the Duchess and take over Mandalore.

There is a astonishing amount of new material in this episode. Two new planets, dozens of new characters. It all seems like a hell of a lot of work, especially for a rather predictable episode. There were some nice touches, here and there, like the introduction of the black lightsaber, (I know someone who would have been very excited about that!) but overall the episode was disappointingly formulaic.

That said, this is just the beginning of a three episode story arc so hopefully, with the setting now established, next week will see some awe inspiring action!

Caprica – Rebirth

Caprica’s second episode, although an interesting insight into Caprican life, really doesn’t go anywhere very fast at all. That is not a bad thing by any stretch. They spend a lot of the episode developing the Zoe/Cylon character and a lot more development is needed if we are to understand how she comes to start a war against humanity.

However the most major plot point in the show is that Zoe’s mother finally comes to understand that Zoe was one of the Soldiers of the One and she admits this publically, that her daughter was possibly the person who blew up that train and killed all those people. Of course, she admits this at the memorial service for the people who died in that tragic incident… Not a smart move. 

A couple of minor niggles… The credit sequence feels… erm… pretentious. Oh and William Adama’s eyes are brown… which is interesting because I’m pretty sure they’ve turned blue by the time he becomes a commander. Oh… and… I have no idea where this series is going…!

Coning Soon

We cannot possibly ignore what happens next week, as, on Tuesday, Lost returns to our screens. Like with 24, Lost is a show I never read about elsewhere until I have seen the episodes, so I have spent the week hibernating and avoiding those previews ABC have been showing. I can’t wait to find out where this final season will take us.

Missed the last episode of season 5, check out my three part ramble in which I discuss the very nature of the island and what I think it is all about.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Until then… This has been My Two Cents…

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