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Weekly Round-Up: 10/01/10

So as I promised, a new format for a new year. Despite the fact that I enjoyed the daily posts, it was difficult for people to keep up with everything as posts would disappear quickly from the front page. So until the end of this season I will be doing a weekly round-up of the shows I watch Weekly Roundupevery Sunday with a Spotlight post on my favourite show of the week.

Obviously, until Dollhouse finishes its run the Weekly Spotlight will focus on my favourite show of 2009.

So what’s been going on this week…?

Clone Wars –Grievous Intrigue & The Deserter

Cartoon Network’s superb Star Wars spinoff returned on New Year’s Day with a double bill of episodes.

Both of this week’s episodes focused on the Jedi Council’s attempts to capture General Grievous. In his continuing mission to wipe out the entire Jedi Order, Grievous captured Master Koth. Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ada go after him and while Anakin and Ada chase down Koth, Grievous goes after Obi-Wan. Other than some pretty cool fight sequences, all this episode really does is set up for the next two (possibly more) episodes. Just before the Jedi destroy Grievous’ ship he escapes to Saleucami (the nearby planet).

Down on the surface of the Planet Grievous and his troops set out in search of a functioning communication device to call for a taxi home. Meanwhile an injured Rex is taken care of by a local Twi’Lek farmer and her husband… A Clone Deserter. An interesting point is made here that the Clones have free will (and therefore were partly to blame for the Rise of the Empire.) I’m pretty sure that this fact will come to play a big part in later episodes for Rex and Cody. Obviously, in the end, Cody sides with the empire… but what about Rex?

Although neither episode really did much to further the plot they weren’t bad episodes. However the fact that both were focused on the capture of Grievous with no success made them feel a bit like filler episodes.   

Heroes – Upon this Rock & Let It Bleed

Monday saw Heroes return too with two of the remaining six episodes.

The first of this week’s episodes focused almost entirely on the circus. We discovered, finally, what purpose Kring had in mind for Emma, the hero with the seemingly useless power to see sound. Turns out she is in fact the Pied Piper, able to express emotion through music and specifically for Samuel’s purpose, she is able to summon specific individuals by concentrating on them as she plays.

Specifically Samuel was seeking a Hero with the power to give life to the barren earth. Claire, who was growing increasingly suspicious of Samuel’s intentions, is somewhat placated when he shows her why he has been gathering Heroes to him… He is building them a new home. Then before her eyes Ian, the green fingered hero, causes the barren valley to blossom. Although Claire declines to stay with Samuel, she can at least see some good in him.

Hiro also returned this week, convincing Ando to go with him to free Mohinder from the insane asylum where Hiro put him to be out of the way while he did Samuel’s dirty work (in order to save Charlie). Unfortunately Hiro’s run in with Samuel has left his brain all screwed up and he can only communicate through riddles.

The second episode focuses on the faking of Nathan’s death (in a plane crash) and the aftermath of that conspiracy. Less interesting than the previous episode, Let it Bleed sees the return of Sylar. After a lot of posturing and not much else Sylar leaves and heads after Claire (Samuel’s magic ink informing him of his path.)

Noah and Lauren capture Edgar and eventually get him to help them. Unfortunately Noah and Edgar don’t see eye to eye on what should happen the to Carnival after they take down Samuel and Edgar takes off, stealing Noah’s files into the bargain.

After burying Nathan, Peter goes out looking to get himself killed because he feels guilty about not being able to save Nathan. Claire shows up and saves him the nick of time and Peter takes her ability.

Not that great a start to the second half of the season, it certainly feels as if Heroes is dragging its heels a bit now. Although I like the rather Magneto-esque brotherhood Samuel is forming, it just seems to be slowing the whole story down. I feel like 12 episodes would have been better than 18, more condensed and fast paced storylines like we had in seasons 2 & 3. I’m hoping that the last four episodes will be a bit more action packed, with stories from Hiro and Mohinder, rather than Claire and Sylar, but we’ll see…

Dollhouse – Getting Closer

Quite possibly the best episode of the season, really edge of your seat stuff. In what, at the start, felt like a filler episode to stave off the finale, we learnt more than we’ve learnt in the last two seasons. Special guests Summer Glau, Amy Acker and Reed Diamond  all returned for an explosive episode. Tune in again soon to My Two Cents for a spotlight on this episode.   

Next Week

Tonight in fact will see the return of everyone’s favourite spy Chuck and Friday will see the finale of Dollhouse *uncontrollable sobbing* Can’t wait!

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