Monday, 13 September 2010

Eureka: I’ll Be Seeing You

SnapShot(1)Of all the shows I watch, this one has the most ups and downs. Some episodes are brilliant while others are less than satisfactory. When the first episode of season four set out to explore time travel (something which had already happened before in Eureka back in season 1) I felt we  were in for a bumpy ride. Despite how much I enjoy James Callis in Battlestar and even FlashForward, I was not fan of Dr. Charles Grant, I’d much rather have had Matt Frewer return to the show as the crazy veterinarian Taggart.  

Anyway this week’s episode marks the halfway point of the season, only nine episodes with no announcement as yet to when the show will return or how many episode the second half will contain. We, however, know that we can look forward to a Christmas special.

So, the midseason finale sets out to wrap up the time travel storyline and bid a fond farewell to Dr. Grant. However, like Heroes and every other show that includes time travel, it just doesn’t feel like it worked.

What I do like is the fact that the final episode didn’t “fix” the timeline, returning all the characters to their previous roles and thus making the last nine episodes irrelevant. But other than that the whole episode felt a bit messy.

Initially I liked the fact that Jack gets dragged back to 1947 unintentionally and the possible death of Allison Blake.  After that though things went downhill. Dr. Grant had intended to return to 1947 to stop the bridge device being built. But he returns after everyone else has already arrived. That could only happen if the bridge device exists already in 2010. Additionally, destroying it now would trap Alison, Carter and the others in 1947. Which of course makes no sense either.

SnapShot(2) Dr. Grant then forgets about attempting to destroy the bridge device and instead works on a way to return home and save Allison (who had been killed by accident just before they travelled back in time.) They try to warn past Allison about the accident but fail, so instead Jack records a message to his future self and tells him how to save Allison and stop Dr. Grant. Which he does and the everything is as it should be. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE!

Hopefully though, this means that the whole time travel storyline is dead and we don’t have to put up with it again. That’s not to say there haven’t been some good episodes this season, but they have all been rather over shadowed by the less than satisfactory “Time Travel” story arc.

Still I look forward to the Christmas special and the return of the show, which has been confirmed for a fifth season.

That was Eureka and this has been My Two Cents!

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