Thursday, 16 September 2010

Warehouse 13: Buried

SnapShot This week Warehouse 13 goes all Indiana Jones and let’s face it, this is a show about collecting magical artefacts, it was bound to happen sooner or later. In a build up to the season finale Mika. Pete and Helena (H.G.Wells) head off in search of Warehouse 2. It seems that the Warehouses are in fact living entities, each one has a Caretaker, such as the mysterious Mrs Fredericks. However, Warehouse 2 was lost for eons and when it was rediscovered it awoke with no Caretaker, so it latched on to Mrs. Fredericks. Unfortunately for her, the connection will kill her.

So, the three agents set off to Egypt to deactivate the Warehouse and save Mrs. Fredericks. To help them along the way Valda (Mark Sheppard) joins up with them. Upon entering the Warehouse the group must solve three puzzles, Body, Mind and Soul. While these sequences are ok, they feel a bit stagey. In order to pass one of these challenges the Warehouse demands a life, so Valda sacrifices himself. I seriously doubt that Valda actually died, partly because demanding a life is a dumbass safety measure, but mainly because Mr. Sheppard is well on his way to becoming the most pervasive actor on the genre television circuit!

Back at the Warehouse Mrs. Fredericks is dying, if she dies, the Warehouse dies with her, again, a rather silly way of doing things, but fair enough. In order to protect the Warehouse, she prepares to pass her duties onto Claudia. This was a nice twist, I’ve always enjoyed Allison’s character, I was so glad she got made into a permanent cast member, so making her into the Warehouse’s new caretaker would be an awesome new direction for her.

SnapShot(0) However, it wasn’t to be, Mika and Pete deactivate Warehouse 2 in the nick of time and all is well. That is until Claudia discovers that it was H.G.Wells that arranged for the Warehouse to be reactivated. Her sudden but inevitable betrayal was not really a shock, but still it left us on a cliffhanger. Personally I would have preferred for Mika and Pete to succeed but too late to save Mrs. F and that the Warehouse had already been transferred to Claudia. Like I said, I’m not convinced by Valda’s death and I would assume he’ll be back as early as the very next episode. As for the H.G betrayal, I’m neither surprised nor thrilled. As far as Supervillains go Warehouse 13 hasn’t had a good one yet. Considering this show came from Jane Espenson, who wrote 23 episodes of Buffy, I would have expected better.

But, that doesn't mean it was a bad episode or even a bad cliffhanger, it just doesn’t push the buttons I know this show can push. Well, that’s My Two Cents anyway…

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