Monday, 20 September 2010

Merlin: The Tears of Uther Pendragon – Part 2

SnapShot(1)I have to be honest, my hopes for this season of Merlin were not high and yet, two episodes running the show has managed to make me smile. This week’s episode possibly blew the entire budget for the whole season though as Camelot is besieged.

Honestly I hoped a couple of things would have turned out differently. Firstly, I would have liked to see Camelot fall, forcing Merlin and Arthur out into the wilderness to live as rebels attempting to regain the lost city. I’d also like to see Uther killed off to enable Arthur to take on the role as leader.

However, after an epic battle which included some Harryhausen style skeletons, all was resolved. Almost. Unfortunately Morgana’s charm managed to persuade the King that she was not only innocent but was, in fact, the possible saviour of the realm. Why unfortunately? Well because that means this season will be heavily focused on Merlin trying to prove she is a traitor and Uther and Arthur refusing to believe him, which could get old, really really fast.

Overall the episode was quite enjoyable, I really liked the build up to the siege, especially the moments with Arthur and Merlin, where Arthur doubts his own ability to lead. The CG animation was ok, although Skeletons are always hard to pull off convincingly. I think my reference to Harryhausen may be a little harsh because, considering they were done for TV, they were pretty good!

Hopefully this season will continue in the Epic storytelling vein and not revert back to the silly “special guest star” driven drivel that dogged the last season.

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