Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On the Bubble

It’s around this time of year that I start to look ahead and see what is likely to get cancelled and what is likely to get renewed.

Figures from Tv By The Numbers suggest the following shows I watch will most likely see cancellation:

  • A Gifted Man
  • Ringer

Now, in the case of A Gifted Man, which is listed as Certain Cancellation, I couldn’t be more disheartened.Not only is it well shot and reasonably well scripted (random shootings aside) it’s a fun and clever show. Rachelle Lefevre is one of the most beautiful actresses on tv right now and Rhys Coiro, not only provides some great comic relief but he also reminds me of a greatly missed work colleague.

With Ringer I’m less surprised. While Ringer has remained in my staple of shows that I watch, it’s not for a good reason. It has stayed there because it’s so much fun to pull it apart. Ringer is a show filled with ridiculous plotlines and crazy coincidences that would never happen. Of course with cancellation looming I really hope that we at least get some payoff as to what Siobhan is planning.

Shows that are listed as On the Bubble include:

  • Nikita
  • Supernatural
  • The Secret Circle
  • Alcatraz
  • Raising Hope
  • Terra Nova
  • Community

Nikita is very much deserving of a second season. They’ve done enough to change up the Nikita vs. Division storyline and they’ve had some really engaging episodes this season. If anything they need to include more Aaron Stanford, for comic value and probably kill off Melinda Clarke before she becomes too important to kill off, like Xander Berkeley

Supernatural didn’t deserve either of it’s last two seasons and should have ended after season 5 as originally planned. The lackluster Leviathans storyline has done little to redeem the show, while killing off all recurring cast members to force the focus of the show back on to the Winchester brothers is helping to restore some of the original charm, there is simply too much history in this show for it to continue. It’s heart-breaking to watch something that was this great squirm about in the throes of death, just take a colt to it and put it out of it’s misery…

Secret Circle I gave up on after nine episodes, as it continued down it’s teen angst, twilight saga style storylines. Alcatraz failed to engross me during it’s pilot and I gave up soon after. Terra Nova also failed to keep me interested but my feelings on this show have been aired in an earlier post.

Raising Hope has had some off episodes this season but on the whole it’s been great. The main problem they have is they have fallen into that second season trap that all sitcoms do, Jimmy has gotten with Sabrina. And if the show is allowed to continue then they have to break up, just like Ross and Rachel, just like JD and Elliot. That said, I’d still like to see this clever sitcom continue it’s run into a third season.

Community… six seasons and a movie…. that’s all I’m saying… make it so!

Likely Renewals include Castle and Bones and I hope that both see renewal.

Certain Renewals include Once Upon a Time and Grimm, both of which failed to impress me with their pilots or their premises. However the renewal of Hawaii Five O comes as no surprise as that show is still one of the best things on TV!

How I Met Your Mother’s renewal is coming as a little surprising given that the show is mostly a parody of itself, which often fails to amuse, that said the most recent episode was a return to some of its former glory. The renewal of Big Bang Theory came as a surprise to no one (although the 3 season renewal shows a massive amount of faith in the show) the show continues to be cleverly written and genuinely heart warming.

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