Saturday, 21 November 2009

Tv Nibble: I didn’t get it…

Ok, so I just finished watching this week’s episode of SGU “Life” and I’m pretty confused as to the point of it.

Firstly it did nothing to address last week’s episode. Are we to assume that everything worked out ok and that the water is no loner contaminated? Or has the Destiny not yet arrived at the snapshotplanet of the chest-burrowing aliens?

The core part of this episode focused on Dr. Rush finding a chair the Ancients used to transfer data from one mind to another. Rush believes that he can use the chair to find the master override code and take control of the ship. However Col. Young refuses to let Rush experiment on any of the crew after a similar device discovered by SG-1 nearly killed the, then, Col. O’Neill.

Rush then invents some data that leads the crew to believe they would be able to go home, if Rush could use the chair. Young snapshot(0)doesn’t believe him and Eli discovers the lie. Which all seems rather pointless.

Also Lt. Scott discovers he has a son. Col. Young thinks Col. Telford is sleeping with his wife and the ship’s bicycle Chloe sleeps with the ship’s nutjob Greer.

All in all this episode felt pointless, it resolved nothing from the week before and gave us very little in the way of a story either. A very disappointing episode.  

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