Friday, 19 February 2010

Spotlight: Heroes Redemption - Brave New World

It might be a Brave New World, but it was a piss-poor finale…  Come to that, was it a season finale or final episode? Will NBC snapshot(6)really re-commission Heroes after possibly the worst season on record?

It started out well… The Sylar/Nathan thing was working… even better the Sylar in Matt’s head thing was awesome. Peter’s ability to switch powers was interesting. Hiro and Ando’s dial a hero company was light and fun. Even the mysterious Samuel and his carnival of Specials was intriguing. But it devolved into a drab, pointless quest that dragged on for weeks longer than it should have and ended in this…

Sylar, Peter and Matt

Sylar and Peter finally break out of Sylar’s head and then they snapshot(0)take down Eli. Sylar convinces Matt he’s changed during the five years that passed in his head and that he is now one of the good guys. Matt reprogram’s Eli by pushing thoughts into his head and turning him against Samuel. Then the three of them set off to fight the big bad carnie.

Claire and Noah

After plenty of chit chat Claire and Noah are rescued by Tracey who burrows through the earth by turning herself liquid. After that Claire returns to the Carnival to convince the specials to snapshot(1)leave to stop Samuel from having the power to kill half of New York.

Hiro and Charlie

Hiro is finally reunited with his lost love Charlie. Turns out she had been sent back in time and now she is married with Grandchildren. Hiro tries to return to the past so that he can be with her, but Ando reminds him that “There are no small butterflies” meaning that if Hiro goes back he will erase Charlie’s children and grandchildren for existence. And so with that he heads off to stop the Butterfly Man.

Doyle and Emma

Emma refuses to play the cello and bring people to Samuel so that he can kill them. So Samuel has Doyle force her to play. It’s a snapshot(2)shame that the plot really hangs on this because Doyle can only control motor function, he cannot control what Emma is thinking and as previously stated in another episode, Emma’s power is based on what she is thinking about. Unless she was thinking about calling people to be the carnival they wouldn’t come.

Anyway that’s how Emma ends up fulfilling the dream Angela had.


So Samuel has all the Specials he needs to bury the city of New York and he has used Emma to bring the people out to watch. His intentions are to show the world that the Specials exist by performing what amounts to an act of terrorism. However the snapshot(3)other Heroes aren’t about to let him do that.

Firstly, Sylar takes down Doyle, freeing Emma and breaking her hold over the people gathering in the carnival. Unfortunately Sylar feels the need to come out with the corniest line ever. “That’s not you.” Doyle mutters. “You’re like me.” “No.” Sylar breathes, pausing so that the next line is as cheesy as possible. “I’m a hero!”

ARRRRRRRRRRGH! I did actually scream at the TV when Zach actually spoke those words, I saw it coming and begging him not to say it, to have a thread of integrity left in his body, but no…

Next Eli admits to killing Lidia at Samuel’s request, thus turning the Specials against him. However Samuel will not be stopped, there is no way that the rest of the Specials can get far enough snapshotaway to stop him now… Cue Hiro. Our little Japanese hero, supercharged by Ando’s red lightening, teleports everyone out of there leaving Samuel powerless as Peter takes his power and the two of them do battle. With only a handful of specials left in the area Samuel is done for but he still feels the need to have a little scream about it.

And that’s it… That was what we’ve been waiting for for 19 episodes. As a Villain Samuel was more than incompetent, he was downright dumb. This was not Kirby Plaza (the final climatic battle at the end of season 1) this was limp. After a series with some really nice dark moments in it, like Sylar being bricked up behind a wall, we were left with this.

Chapter Six

And so we reach the teaser for Chapter Six: A Brave New World, which is really little more than a conclusion to the episode rather than a sneak peak at what is coming. Essentially everyone snapshot(5)congratulates themselves on preventing the world from knowing their secret, a victory Claire then celebrates by throwing herself off the Ferris wheel. Even worse she gets up, pushes her joints back into place and says to the camera “I’m Claire Bennett and this attempt number… I guess I’ve kinda lost count.” Thus revealing to the world that superheroes exist.

*Major Yawn* wake me up next year with a better ending!

This has been My Unheroic Two Cents…       

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