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Weekly Round-Up: 14/02/10

Weekly Roundup This week sees a corny end to a rather drawn out Heroes, a lack-lustre Lost, a rather good HIMYM and Chuck and a superb outing for the Winchester boys in Supernatural.

As always the post contains some plot spoilers so be warned… read on at your own risk.

Chuck – Vs. The Mask

A reasonably good episode with plenty of time for the new cast members Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Kirstin Kreuk (Smallville). However, as always happens, the best storyline from last week was resolved this week without altering the meta-storyline… The possibility that Elle and/or Morgan would find out Chuck’s secret would have been great, but instead they have assumed his secret was that he was dating Hannah… Booo!

However Sarah and Casey did reveal this week that it’s almost time for Chuck’s training wheels to come off… it’s time for him to go it alone. What can this possibly mean for the show? Are Sarah and Casey actually leaving? Are the produces setting up for a massive series overhaul? Who knows… All I know is that Chuck is as good as ever… well… almost anyway… 

Heroes – Brave New World

I’m not going to say much about this as I’ll be breaking it down in this week’s spotlight, but considering how long it took us to get to the finale it really didn’t feel very climatic at all.

How I Met Your Mother – Rabbit or Duck

Another great episode of the show this week as Barney is tortured by his “Magic Phone.” After appearing on the Superbowl holding up his phone number Barney’s mobile never stops ringing with hot girls on the other end. Unfortunately Barney can’t enjoy being with the girls because there might be a hotter girl out there. Eventually he can’t take it any more and he has to get rid of the phone… but Ted finds it and the whole process begins again.

However the title of episode is really about Robin and her co-anchor Don and her in-ability to admit she has feelings for him.

Lost – What Kate Does

I’ve already talked a little bit about this episode earlier this week but it certainly wasn’t the most eventful episode. The episode title draws from the season two episode “What Kate Did” where we found out she murdered her father but all that “Kate Does” is take a pregnant girl to the hospital… It’s hardly as exciting.

Other than that we learn what happened to Claire after Christian took her at the end of season 4 and we Learnt that Sayid has been “Claimed” whatever that will mean. Hopefully next week’s episode “The Substitute”will be more exciting. With only 14 episodes remaining I would have thought the creators were done wasting time…

Supernatural – My Bloody Valentine

Another wonderful episode of my favourite CW series. This week’s episode begins with one of the shows most stomach churning moments when two star-crossed lovers devour each other in graphic detail. It even put me off my supper…

However, the episode that blossoms out of this moment is hilarious. Everything from meeting a Cherub, to Castiel’s deadpan commentary is brilliant. And despite being fun and classic Supernatural it still manages to further the Mythology by introducing us to the second of the four Horsemen, Famine!

And now I finally see where this season is going. If Supernatural is going for a sixth season then I suspect the final showdown with the Devil will be suspended until next season and instead this season will focus on defeating all four Horsemen. An absolutely fantastic episode and a great showdown with a Horseman that didn’t end with a super-hottie being killed off!

Clone Wars – Duchess of Mandalore

Ok, so my prediction last week that the Duchess would be killed off hasn’t come true… yet! But Dooku has ordered her death, which makes me think she will be dead before the season is out. So this episode concludes the Mandalore storyline as the senate decides that the planet is to remain neutral. But the Deathwatch has not yet been brought to justice so I expect we will see them again before the season is done.

Coming Soon…

More of the same as Locke gets the Flashsideways treatment in Lost. More great comedy from Chuck and HIMYM, followed with healthy doses of Caprica and Supernatural… Plus Heroes finally gets in the spotlight as we take a detailed look at a Brave New World and where season 5 is heading?

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