Sunday, 21 February 2010

Weekly Round-Up: 21/02/10

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Well… That’s about it.

It seems that this week everybody was more interested in curling or some such thing so all we got was an episode of Lost (which I will Spotlight along with this weeks episode, probably Wednesday) and an episode of Caprica, which I have to confess I haven’t had time to watch yet.

Coming Soon

So, coming up next week, no Chuck, no HIMYM, no Supernatural (25th March apparently) and no Clone Wars. More from Lost and Caprica but that’s it… Unless I find something else to talk about, next week will see either a first impressions or a ten reasons post instead of the usual round up.

Coming in March

March will see a return of many shows including Supernatural, Clone Wars, Chuck, HIMYM, Flash Forward and V… oh and Dollhouse season 3… Nah, I’m just kidding… *fingers crossed :P*

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