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Weekly Round-up: 07/02/10

Weekly RoundupIf you like to laugh then this week has been a good one. Between them, Chuck and HIMYM have brought many a tear to my eye. Also this week, new Lost comes around and confuses us with glimpses of that that never was, but more on that later.

As always, these roundups are not censored for spoilers so continue at your own peril.

How I Met Your Mother – Perfect Week

A return to form this week for HIMYM as we enjoy a Barney-centric episode. After learning that he may be fired Barney sets out to cheer himself up and achieve the holy-grail of sleeping with random women, “A Perfect Week”. Seven girls, seven days, no rejection.

As Barney is possibly the best character in the show, how could an episode based almost solely on him fail? A really good, funny episode, which has you cheering the manwhore on before the episode closes out.

Heroes – The Wall

Another week of stalling! Sigh! In this weeks episode Peter and Sylar spend the whole episode trapped in Sylar’s mind, literally trying to break down a wall to escape, in order for Sylar to stop/save Emma.

Meanwhile Samuel tries to turn Claire against her father by having Damien show her Noah’s memories of losing his first wife and child to a special and then Noah enacting his revenge against any specials that cross his path.

The wounded Lauren is handed over to Samuel by non-other than Emma and Samuel asks Eli to “deal with her.” I suspect that we may soon see Eli frozen solid by Tracy Strauss however.

In the best moment of this episode however, Samuel, fed up of dealing with Claire and Noah, buries them alive in one of the carnival trailers. Shortly after Peter and Sylar break free and we all cheer… *Yawn*


Sorry… The finale will air on Monday, hopefully if Heroes sees a fifth season it will be a 2 chapter split with a faster pace of story telling.  

Chuck – Vs. Nacho Sampler

Another fun episode of everyone’s favourite spy comedy as Chuck attempts to hook his very first asset. We see a return for the intersect as Manush, an MIT drop out, designs a new one for the Ring.

However, the more interesting aspect of this episode is that now both Morgan and Ellie are beginning to become suspicious of Chuck and Devon. This will clearly lead to one or both of them learning the truth before the end of the season, which leads us to ask, what will the CIA do about that? I can see Schwarz and Fedak making Morgan an operator, as Chuck gets better, to reintroduce that accident prone element to the missions.

Whatever the case, another good episode. Really enjoying the new dynamic between Jeff, Lester and Hannah. 

Lost – LAX

Well, for those of us who  thought Lost couldn’t get any weirder, we were wrong. This season replaces Flashbacks and Flashforwards with the only direction left, sideways. That’s right, producers Carlton and Cuse have decided that instead of making a decision about whether or not setting off the bomb at the end of last season worked, they’d just do both. One timeline, the bomb goes off and the plane never crashes, in the other timeline it doesn’t but the cast is transported back to 2007, still trapped on the island.

Many, many things are revealed to us in this double length episode, including what the Black Smoke really is. We meet a new leader of the Others and we see a return for many dead characters. Charlie, Boone, Artz and even Seth Norris (voiced by Heroes star Greg Grunberg.) all return for the flash sideways.

Anyway, I’ll probably spotlight this double length episode next week, so I’ll leave it there for now. 

Supernatural – The Song Remains the Same

This week sees Supernatural’s first return to a fully mythology-based episode since that fateful episode “Abandon All Hope”. And what an enjoyable return it was. Despite the fact that, as the title suggests, the episode is pretty much another plea by the angels to the Winchester boys to say “yes” it is done in a way that makes it fun and interesting.

The episode itself is Back to the Future meets Terminator as Angel Anna goes back in time to kill Sam’s mother before he can be born. The episode however ends with her being burnt alive my Michael. And finally, Dean and Michael come face to face and the Archangel lays it out for him that free will is an illusion and that, in the end, Sam and Dean will both say yes.

Interestingly the concept of free will is the basis of the Christian faith, the excuse that people use as to why people do bad things. If Michael does not believe in free will, is he really still working for the big guy upstairs?

Whatever the case the episode is great and Misha Collins is simply superb, even if he spends most of his time unconscious. Despite being mythology driven this episode, is light and fun and action packed. Love it. Next week will see an episode called My Bloody Valentine, a nod to Jensen Ackles summer film excursion.

Caprica – The Reins of a Waterfall

So, the Soldiers of the One (STO) have a plan for Zoe’s avatar and Lacy has agreed to bring the avatar (and in essence the first Cylon) to Geminon. Other than that Caprica didn’t really offer much in the way of explanation as to where it is heading. Being a fan of Ronald D. Moore’s past work, I hope it is heading somewhere exciting… it just isn’t evident where.

The episode closes with Joseph Adama, having not been able to visit his daughter’s virtual avatar (because Zoe let it out of the virtual box it was in) returns home and gives his brother Sam the order to murder Daniel Graystone’s wife.  

Clone Wars – Voyage of Temptation

This weeks Clone Wars was still lacking something, I’m not sure what though. But it did have some very nice sequences, the battles with the Assassin Droids were particularly exciting and the reveal that Obi Wan, like Anakin, had once fallen in love and offered to abandon the Jedi Order.

Next week will see the conclusion of the Mandalore Trilogy, with the Obi Wan revealing his love for the Duchess of Mandalore, I suspect that the episode will conclude with her death, ending Mandalore’s attitude of neutrality and bringing them and their allied planets into the Clone Wars.

Coming Soon…

Monday will see the finale of Heroes: Redemption and not really before time if you ask me. Plus more Lost to throw fuel on the fire of confusion. This has been My Two Cents… Watch out for a Lost spotlight later this week.

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