Friday, 6 August 2010

A Year on the Small Screen

So, September will soon be here and now its about time to look back and see what has been the best and the worst of this year’s TV.

Best Finale – Supernatural: Swan Song or Chuck vs. The Ring: Part II

This year was a really strong year for Supernatural and the season finale brought everything to a head, resolving enough of the current storylines for everyone to be happy, but leaving enough wiggle room for the show to continue on in a less Mythology heavy fashion. A great episode and a great end to a great season.

But, Chuck was awesome too. The whole season was great but the last two episodes of Chuck were funny and tense and that is just a winning combination. So it’s a tie, two of my favourite shows just ended so very very well!

Best Find – Warehouse 13

I discovered a lot of new shows this year that had managed to pass me by including How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Legend of the Seeker. But Warehouse was such a breath of fresh air, a genuinely good fun show that I enjoyed immensely.

Best of the British – Top Gear

This show is so well put together, so, so well. If any single episode should be singled out for praise this year it would be the boys trek through the Amazon Jungle. Such a great show, no wonder so many people tune in to watch it EVERY DAY!

Most Surprising Newcomer – Covert Affairs

Of all the new shows to start this year Covert Affairs has got to be the one that I really didn’t see coming. Despite two false starts Christopher Gorham (Jake 2.0 and Harpers Island) is back, this time as Auggie, a blind CIA operative, with newcomer, the beautiful Piper Perabo playing Annie Walker, the well meaning agent. It’s well scripted and light hearted and I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

Worst Finale – Dollhouse – Hollow Men or Legend of the Seeker: Tears

Actually there’s no contest, Legend’s finale was a pile of drivel and I could barely watch it! Unfortunately Hollow Men was one of the worst Dollhouse episodes, but Epitaph Two did go a long way towards mitigating the pathetic finale.

Worst Returning Show – Scrubs

OMG! This was such a disaster. Scrubs had gone downhill for a long time. After season 4 things got bad, there was an excellent moment near the end of the season 5, but things rapidly deteriorated from there, but season 9? The season that should have never been was just truly awful!

Worst Newcomer – Stargate Universe

A show that started out so promisingly just failed to deliver any kind of excitement during it lacklustre second half. Despite some endearing individual performances, the script writing and the stories to be told were just not worth tuning in for.

Biggest Disappointment – V

I had such high hopes for V. When you look at the cast list it should be a no brainer. After all Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarine, Lexa Doig, these are people I would follow to any show on any network, any show that is but V.

Biggest Surprise – Dollhouse

Dollhouse getting renewed for a Second Season was a huge and delightful surprise. The cancellation shortly after was not so surprising!

Most Missed Show – The Unit

David Mamet’s unique and challenging Drama series was sorely missed this year. Nowhere can be found the same sense of tension and drama mixed with love and heart. Snake Doc, Dirt Diver, Betty Blue, Cool Breeze and Hammerhead, we miss you!

Weirdest Scheduling – Caprica

Yep, that’s right, 8 episodes and then nothing for a whole year, the Battlestar Prequel will not return to our screens until January!

Best Show of the Year – Dollhouse

Did you really expect anything else? Really? Not only is it Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh, but the second season was just superb (mostly). The storytelling, the pacing, the acting was all just fantastic. Sure it had some problems wrapping up the end but overall this was a superb show and I wish we could have had just a little bit more. But if wishes were candy I’d have own Haribo and Serenity would still be sailing the Black.

Ok then, that’s it. I’m sure there should be more and that other shows may have deserved a mention in the “worst” categories, but lets stay positive and enjoy all the good stuff we got this year instead. Until September, enjoy the summer.

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