Thursday, 12 March 2009

There are no excuses...

... I've been telling myself that I've been too busy to write, but it's a lie. I've been telling myself that there is just soooooo much to write about the only way i can do justice to it all is to not write at all... that's a lie too. The Truth? You can't handle the truth... well maybe...

So... Last week saw the return of Reaper. I only really caught on to Reaper towards the end of last year so i watched it all in pretty much in one go and by the end i was thirsty for more. So much so that in my mind i may have over amped it's return to the small screen because so far the first two episodes of this season have been a little disappointing.

Not seen season 1? Look away now...

The premise at the end of last season was that Sam believes he is the devil's son, however we, the audience, are still not really certain, infact the evidence seems to point away from that fact. However in the new series the Devil, played excellently by Ray Wise, seems to confirm this, raining on Sam's parade by telling him how he isn't something special, that he has a son in every port, so to speak. Add to this the fact that we have yet to see Mr or Mrs Oliver (or Sam's mysteriously absent younger brother.) this season and i just find myself asking whether or not the writers have changed their minds about where the show is heading.

It is possible that they are just playing games with us, like they did so well in the first season, getting us to watch one hand while the other does all the clever stuff we didnt expect, but i'm not convinced. For a start so many of the regulars from the first season are absent. The Oliver Family for a start, Tony the Demon, Josie (Sock's Girlfriend) and even this week, regular Ted, seems set to leave the show.

Despite Ted being a tool, i quite like him, so i hope that he isn't leaving and i'm just hoping that the writers have something great in store for him.

(I have just been back and watched the credit squence for this weeks episode only to find out that both Ted and Mr Oliver, or Donavon Stinson and Andrew Airlie as they probably prefer to be called, are still listed in the series credits (as opposed to guest stars) wow, do i feel dumb... and YEY! they're not leaving the show)

The last two episodes have suffered from a distinctly "Soul of the Week" feel, which worked great, at first, however after the way the series developed at the end of the last season, it feels like lazy writing. Despite this the show is introducing a new character, a soul that has escaped Hell and can't be sent back. Now Sam has hope that he too can get out his contract and unfortunately it is this storyline that has dominated the last two episodes, making the soul of the week stuff seem secondary and for me neither part works.

Oh and Ben is dating a Demon... That looks very promising... end on a high note, huh?

Anyhow, that's my Two Cents and I promise to bring you a Lost update very soon, along with a review of the first five episodes of Dollhouse. In the mean time, if you need a Lost fix check out Lost Lover at Law for the full low down.

Reaper is currently airing on CW Tuesdays at 8pm

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