Saturday, 28 March 2009

They’re Dropping Like Flies

So, two new deaths in this weeks heroes, this show really goes from strength to strength and after such a long slog through disappointment and confusion it really feels like its found its feet.

Just a brief side note here before I go on to talk about this weeks episode “Cold Snap” in detail, a couple of weeks ago I went to watch Watchmen. The Superhero film that breaks the convention of Superhero films. However in some cases conventions are there for a reason. To me Watchmen felt disjointed, a sort of superhero Sin City if you will. Taking each character in turn and through flashbacks explaining how they came to be who they are. In Tv, this works, you only need to look at the success of Lost, but in film? I’m not convinced. The story of film would have stood up by itself without the flashbacks, that drove the film to its three hour running time. However the story was weak and in a lot of ways just as generic as the other superhero films that Watchmen tries to distance itself from. In fact the core story is so formulaic as to be boringly predictable, with the possible exception of the final twist. All of that said, the film is beautifully rendered with some awesome special effects. But all in all it wasn’t my cup of tea. My friend Mike, however, loved it, so check his review over here.

So back to this weeks heroes… This week sees the return of Janice Parkman and baby Matt, who has a new power that Hiro neatly dubs Touch and Go. Ando learns a new use for his power and Hiro gets at least part of his powers back. We finally uncover the identity of Rebel and Matt, Daphne and Mohinder escape from Danko.

It has taken me nearly all week to get around to watching this weeks episode of Heroes, possibly because I wrote a glowing review after the previous episode and didn't want it ruined and possibly because I’ve been busy watching the other twenty shows I watch in a week.

This episode was great. We open with Doyle gift wrapped for Danko. Last we saw of Doyle was Claire helping him escape, so what went wrong? Who betrayed Doyle? Certainly not Rebel or Noah or Angela. I would be tempted to blame Sylar however Mr. Gray seems unlikely to team up with Danko.

We move on to see Noah and Angela meet up to discuss getting Danko to trust Noah. Noah Bennett, one of my possible choices for Rebel, is clearly the inside man in Danko’s operation and Angela Petrelli is pulling his strings, but is this all a ruse? Is Noah truly opposed to Danko’s plan? After all Noah Bennett has spent his life arresting people with abilities…

Hiro and Ando discover baby Parkman who has the ability to give things life, to turn things back on that were turned off, for example Hiro’s powers. Will baby Parkman be the key to saving some of this weeks dead heroes? Can baby Parkman literally bring the dead back to life? With his powers partially restored Hiro stops time long enough to save himself, Ando and the baby, with a liberal dose of laughs that we have come to expect from Heroes.

Meanwhile Rebel hacks into building 26 and releases Tracy, Matt, Mohinder and Daphne. Leaving the others and striking out on her own Tracy runs afoul of Noah who convinces her to hand over Rebel for her own freedom. However Tracy has second thoughts when Rebel turns out to her nephew Micah. This was the most obvious choice for Rebel, however I didn’t know if he would be returning this season, it’s never guaranteed with young actors. Double crossing Bennett, Tracy helps Micah escape by icing an entire parking garage and the six agents hunting her, herself included. With Micah gone Danko turns up and puts Tracy “on ice” permanently. Her shattered face managing a final wink at the camera as if to say, “I’ll be back”. Will Tracy be back next season? Or will we be getting a visit from the third triplet, Barbara?

Finally Matt and Daphne have a last fantasy together, where Matt flies her out over Paris at night and then on to the moon. A romantic to the very end, poor Parkman loses his beloved Daphne, but is that the end for the speedster? Or will baby Matt’s new found powers be able to save her?

The episode finishes with Peter and Angela staring out over New York from the statue of liberty, a poignant reference to that which the Heroes have lost.

Ok, so more of a recap and less of an opinion, still i loved this weeks episode and can’t wait till we get new Heroes on Monday, right after Chuck.

Chuck airs on Monday at 8pm on NBC with Heroes following on at 9pm.

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