Sunday, 8 March 2009

It's Getting Better All The Time

So Heroes is back with a new Volume: Fugitives and in my opinion it is one of the best series yet.

Like most people, i got a little disillusioned with Heroes during its first couple of seasons but i stuck with it and i guess i did so only because if it failed, the idea would fail and the show that it should have been would probably never be made... make sense?

This weeks episode, Exposed, however was great. What i like about the new Volume is how nicely it is building up. I like the fact that they corrected their too powerful characters, Hiro and Peter, by having Arthur strip them of their powers, it was always too easy to set things right with two time travellers in the mix. I like the idea that the Heroes are now hunted, like all good superheroes, trying to do what's right, but hampered by the very agencies that should he helping them.

I'd like to see less of Sylar though. Since he was "killed" in season 1 he has become a little too annoying. His appearances through season 2 were really forced and the same seems to be true of this new volume. Also it begs the question why Peter, Matt and Mohinder are priority one with Sylar wandering round. It would have been nice to have him be "dead" for a season only for him to resurface in the next season teaser.

I would however like to see the return of some characters, it would be nice to see Molly back on screen, i think it would have been interesting to see how she coped with being on the run with Mohinder and Matt. I would love Adam Monroe to come back, however that wont happen. Maybe we should see a return of the invisible man, Christopher Ecclestons character, Peter could really use his power right about now.

Of course complaints about too many characters and over complicated plots are what led to last seasons "thinning of the herd" so the return of old characters looks unlikely. However, Heroes is now well known for killing off its main cast at the drop of a hat, DL, Nikkie, Adam, Elle to name but a few (a few i don't have to look up how to spell) so who will buy the farm this season? Is it Hiro's time? Without his power does he really have a future in the show? And if so, will it be Ando that kills him? Maybe Noah Bennet (who i think, by the way, is Rebel) or Angela Petrelli have had their day? Or the Haitian?

Who knows? I surely don't. Anyway, five episodes down and its shaping up to looking like a good season.

Heroes is currently airing on Monday at 9pm on NBC (after Chuck, also an excellent series) or in the Uk on the BBC, Monday at 9 or on iPlayer.

Coming Soon... Exploring Dharma in Lost Episode 8

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