Monday, 30 March 2009


Before tomorrow’s episode airs i just wanted to take this opportunity to say, this week’s Chuck was the best episode ever written.

Series creator Chris Fedak was back holding the reins this week as the writer on this episode “Chuck vs. the Predator”. Since the hiatus the show has been a little ‘Floppy’. Although it is consistently good in terms of action and comedy the stories have been a little “use once and throw away”. To give an example;

The second half of this season opened with Chuck in 3-d, a gimmick that wouldn’t be repeated and a story that really had no effect on the over arching mythology of the show. Other episodes this season such as Chuck vs. the Beefcake, ended with an awesome, series changing cliff-hanger, that Chuck and Sarah were moving in together because Chuck may have been compromised, only for the situation to be resolved within the teaser of the following episode.

This kind of inconsequential storytelling permeates Chuck because at the end of the day it is more of a sitcom than it is a drama despite its 40 minute running time and as we all know in all good sitcoms the situation is the one thing that stays the same week in and week out. However it is really frustrating when the writers suggest a new direction for the show that is all exciting only to not follow up on it.

So this week was a nice change of pace. Chuck finally discovers that he can get the intersect out of his head so he finally have a normal life, Sarah betrays Chuck again, Casey defends Chuck and Sarah and the Buy More boys get to play.

I think what I really like about this episode is the way Chris Fedak manages to incorporate the entire cast. Something that is not always easy to in this show, without it seeming forced. All of the Buy More players com e out in force including Big Mike and Emmett (Who i have a new found respect after watching the entire first season of Arrested Development.) to wreak havoc in a rival store in a series of hilarious gags.

This is played against a backdrop of serious spy stuff as Chuck tries to circumvent General Beckman so that he can meet up with Orion, the scientist who may be able to remove the intersect from Chuck’s head. It is this element of seriousness underwritten with either subtle or overt comedy that really makes this episode shine.

Anyway, that was my short Two Cents, just a little shout out to the crew of Chuck to keep up the good work, making Monday that little bit sweeter.

Best episode ever? Honestly go watch it!

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