Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Epitaph One Flashbacks – Part 3

Part 3, missed parts one and two? Ok, so this time we are sure this Flashback is (as we are currently watching) a Flash Forward, to what I’m guessing is an episode close to the end of the current season. I’m basing this purely on the fact that Echo is now fully self aware and is requesting that Paul “pick up the pace” presumably with freeing the rest of the Dolls. This seems a logical place to conclude season 2 as dragging it out any longer will certainly cause the show to lose momentum, unless of course snapshot(6)Joss has a big twist up his sleeve.

In the flashback Topher imprints Echo with the memory of a Russian girl, then she leaves with Paul who is now her handler, and we know he accepted that job at the start of season 2. Once they are out of earshot Echo reveals that she can compartmentalise the new uploaded personality but who she becomes when she does so we don't know, maybe Caroline, maybe some one else, a composite, perhaps, of all her personalities.   

Echo’s unique ability to assimilate personalities was the reason that Alpha singled her out as special, but unlike Alpha, she didn’t turn psychotic, although she confesses to Paul that the headaches snapshot(5)are getting worse, which suggests that maybe she is losing control.

If season 2 is leading us towards the liberation of the Dollhouse then season 3 (yeah right, like we’ll get a season 3) will have a very different feel indeed. It would also leave the series in a very strong position to transfer to Tv movies or films should FOX cancel the show.  

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