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Weekly Round-Up: 02/05/10

Well, it’s been another hectic week in real life for me which means I haven’t had chance to really watch everything or even write this  post. But hey ho nevermind.

So, it looks like Legend of the Seeker isn’t getting renewed, I know I haven’t thought much of it so far this season but I still think it’s a shame. Also there is no signs of life from Better Off Ted, the ABC comedy I talked about a couple of weeks ago. How I Met Your Mother and Lost both had a week off too. So then, what did air?

Chuck – vs. The Honeymooners

I know I rave about Chuck a lot but those execs Schwarz and Fedak really know what they are doing with this show. If it doesn’t secure a fourth season I would be seriously shocked.

This week’s episode focused on Chuck and Sarah’s escape to Europe. Together they agree to never be spies again and then they set about finding amusing ways to break that promise without the other finding out.

Meanwhile Casey is tasked with finding them and that means he has to make use of the NSA-CIA’s latest asset… Morgan! I’m so happy that Morgan is finally in loop because it really does open up a lot of potential for the character.

The episode however ends with Ellie and Devon leaving for Africa… What does this mean for Ryan and Sarah? Are they out of a job or will they return to Chuck later this season? 

V – Heretic’s Fork

Oddly, V is getting quite good. This week’s episode focused on Anna sending a soldier to retrieve Val and Ryan’s baby. Ultimately it failed, but Hobbs did discover that even burying an axe in it’s chest will not kill it.

Also this week Chad agrees to be Anna’s spy. Tyler accepts the invitation to “live aboard” but Lisa tries to dissuade him as she knows that Anna will kill Tyler the moment he serves his purpose.

What purpose? I’m guessing Anna wants to create a V-Human hybrid and she intends to use Tyler and Lisa to do it. Who knows? But with only three episodes remaining I can only imagine they will be action packed!

Supernatural – The Devil You Know

Firefly’s Mark Sheppard continues his mission to permeate every show I watch this week as he turns up again in Supernatural. Crowley the renegade demon played by Mr. Sheppard is directly responsible for the deaths of Jo and Ellen… but its hard to stay mad at Mark, so I officially forgive you!

There were two major plot points this week. The first is that the boys now have the location of Pestilence (who will be played by Eureka’s Matt Frewer). The second, possibly more interesting point is the deal Crowley offers Bobby. He offers him the location of the final horseman, Death, in exchange for Bobby’s soul. Now… Crowley promises he’ll give it right back, that it’s just a short term loan… but would you trust a Demon?

If Crowley ends up being responsible for Bobby’s death too… Only time will tell. But with only two episodes to go, things are really heating up!

FlashForward – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

So, this week’s FlashForward focuses on telling us why Janis has been so helpful, when she is supposedly working for the other side!

It seems that Vogel, the CIA agent, tasked her with accepting an offer to be a spy in the FBI. Fair enough, however I suspect that Vogel is a bad guy and that Janis believes she is a double agent for the CIA but she is in fact simply a traitor to her country…

Why do I think Vogel is a baddie? Because of Charlie’s flash forward. She saw Vogel telling someone Mark was dead. Well, Mark wasn’t dead, we know that, so it stands to reason that Vogel sent people to kill Mark, otherwise why would he think he was dead?

The other thing that came about this week was the answer to Frost’s riddle. “You will be saved by the lady you see everyday” The White Queen pinned to the big board turned out to be the Lady and inside it was one of the seven rings. These rings, it seems, are miniature QEDs or  Quantum Entanglement Devices. The technology however is very far advanced so are we looking at Time Travel? Aliens? What?

Who knows… Anyway, all in all, a good episode with a rather predictable ending. 

Clone Wars – R2 Come Home & Lethal Trackdown

So the season finale of Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars aired this week. Well? It was quite good. Although it didn’t feel like a season finale, it certainly didn’t build to anything sensational.

The first of the two episodes, R2 Come Home, was driven by the character R2 D2 and it was pretty damn funky. There were some really nice moments of animation, really very nice looking indeed. The second episode was led by Plo Koon and Ahsoka as they set out on a mission to rescue some hostages from Aurra Sing. Both these episodes saw a lot of screen time for fan favourites Bossk and Aurra.

Like I said, both episode were enjoyable, but neither seemed to be “cliffhangery” enough for a season finale.

Stargate Universe – Lost

I really enjoyed this week’s Stargate Universe, perhaps because it actually dealt with last weeks cliffhanger, without resolving it completely.

This week’s episode picks up with Scott, Greer, Eli and Chloe trapped on a planet after Destiny abandoned them. At the next stop Rush uses the gates to planet hop back to try and find their missing crew. Meanwhile, a cave-in separates Greer from the rest of the team. Presuming him dead Scott and the others use the stargate to try and find Destiny.

Instead, however, they make their way back to the planet with the downed alien ship. Eli uses it’s nav-computer to find Destiny’s most probably route so they can more accurately jump to it. Meanwhile Greer is rescued and everyone is back aboard Destiny.

Eli manages to dial the ship, but he does so just at the moment Rush is returning and the gate cannot connect, so Scott, Eli and Chloe are stranded yet again. However this time when Destiny goes into FTL it leaves the galaxy and thus it leaves them behind for good…

Well, probably not for good, but it was a great ending. So far SGU has been a bit hit and miss but this week’s episode was exciting and a lot of fun. At times it reminded me of Sliders… ah… that takes me back. Anyway, good episode, quite looking forward to seeing where they go from here.  

Legend of the Seeker - Extinction

Knowing that this is one of the last four times we might ever see Tabrett Bethell is dreadfully saddening. Once again however, she is one of the best things about this week’s Legend of the Seeker.

Knowing that the scroll they found two weeks ago can only be read by the light of a Night Wisp, Darken Rahl exterminates them all but one. He then uses the last one read the scroll before burning it and forcing Richard to accept his help.

It seems that Darken Rahl wants to seal the rift to the underworld himself in order to gain favour with the creator in order to never have to go back to the underworld again and face the wroth of the Keeper!

After Rahl is wounded by the Sisters of the Dark (sent after them by the Keeper) he reveals his true secret, that he was the first of the Banelings. An interesting revelation that ends up feeling like a bit of a throw away line somehow.

Anyway, Zed returns from his side mission to collect the listener they met back in season 1. The young boy reads Darken’s mind and tells Richard and Zed what they need to do with the Stone of Tears. Knowing that Richard has very little reason to keep him alive now Darken Rahl makes a break for it, escaping to fight another day.

Oh well…

Coming Soon

So that’s it for another week. Next week will see new episodes of Chuck, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and more. Until then this has been My Two Cents…

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