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Weekly Round-Up: 16/05/10

The Good (Supernatural Finale), The Bad (Lost Answers) and the god-damn-plain-Ugly (Stargate Universe) made up this week’s viewing. 

As Tv season comes to an end and the shows the begin to wind down, some for the last ever time, I am filled with sadness (for those shows that enjoy that I wont be able to watch) and relief (for those shows that I enjoyed but have since died a death). But that’s enough rambling, lets get into the meat of the round up.

How I Met Your Mother – Robots vs. Wrestlers

This week the cast of HIMYM had to face the inescapable fact that they can’t keep doing this show forever, that logically, at some point, they are all going to drift apart in order for their fictional lives to continue to make sense. Of course, they discover this through the medium of “Robots vs. Wrestlers”

Also this week the guys have to learn to live without Robin as she and Don “try to make it work”. Ted discovers what a snootily awful bore he actually can be. Marshal, Lilly and Barney discover the forth Doppelganger and Marshall and Lilly commit to having a child, but only after they find the last remaining Doppelganger. Just a little look ahead to the remaining episode titles tells me that it may be sooner than they think!

Chuck – vs. The Tooth

This week’s Chuck was ok, I watched it at work so maybe it would have been more fun had I not had to think about corporate clients. Anyway, Christopher Lloyd, otherwise known as Doc Brown from Back to the Future turned up this week as Chuck’s psychiatrist.

Turns out that the intersect is turning Chuck brain to mush and Chuck determines to keep that info from the love of his life. Meanwhile, nasty nasty Ring agents contact Ellie and convince her to work for them, believing that she is working for the CIA. First they turn her against Casey, possibly the only person really capable of protecting her if things go bad. Then they convince her to contact her father.

So the Ring is going after Chuck’s dad and the intersect is going to eventually kill Chuck? Sounds like season final stuff to me. With only two episodes to go, I’m sad and excited for Chuck. Happily NBC will almost definitely renew the show next year! Hurray!

Lost – Across the Sea

Oh dear… This week’s episode “explained everything.” we finally “know” what it’s all about. In a story that focused entirely on Jacob and his brother we finally uncover some secrets of the island.

Many, many things annoyed me about this episode, not least the fact that Smokey was only ever referred to as “Him” and “You” so that we don't discover his name. This felt so awkward it’s untrue!

On top of this we found out what the show has all been about… A tunnel with a light at the end (Heaven?). This is what Jacob (and all subsequent candidates) must protect. Six seasons and that's our answer? The guardians of the light don’t really know what it is, other than it has something to do with the spark of life and that it cannot be used for power.

Several Lost questions were answered this week, including why various landmarks existed, the wells, the frozen donkey wheel etc, they were built by Smokey in attempt to escape the island. What is not explained is WHY the wheel would help him escape. In fact, years later it would cause the island to move backwards in time. Just knowing it was built does not actually answer any questions because the very fact that it exists means we knew it was built, by whom it was built is irrelevant.

The Black and White metaphor was played to death in this episode, as was the “rules” line. The woman who pretended to be Jacob and Smokey’s mother (who killed their real mother) seems to have god-like powers but there is no hint from where they are derived and it was she that made it so Jacob and Smokey could not kill each other. Just out of interest why did she think they might try? Surely they were more likely to want to kill her because she killed their mother?

We also found out how Smokey became the smoke monster. Jacob knocked him out and sent him into the tunnel with the light and woomf Smokey was born. Again, we are just supposed to say “Oh right, that’s how it happened” and not ask “Why the F*** would that happen?”

Finally we discover who Adam and Eve were, these were the skeletons in the cave back in season 1. I’d already figured this out because Jacob’s mother is living in the caves during this episode. I also knew it would be Mommy and Smokey’s bodies because we had already been told that Smokey had lost his original body. I felt quite proud of working this out, but then the episode went and spelt it out for us by showing us the entire cave sequence from season 1. Why be clever and then explain why you were clever… sigh.

Apparently Carlton Cuse has made it very clear that no further explanation will be forth coming on the matters discussed in this episode, so “Yay” *that was sarcastic.

Anyway, it’s nearly nearly over and it’s about time. Only two more episodes to go before we can put this once great show behind us for good.

V – Fruition

Did I miss something? I thought V was supposed to just be a 12 episode mini series (that’s why I’ve stuck with it) however I’m seeing it pop up on “Renewed” lists… How?! and possibly more importantly… Why?! If ABC is going to renew any of their current shows it should be Better Off Ted.

Anyway, on with this week’s episode. It seems that Hobbs is working against the 5th column as he steals some research which could lead to a way to kill the V’s. He then offers to trade this data to Marcus in exchange for cash and being left alone by the Visitors.

Other than that, other important details include Lisa’s wavering loyalty, the Soldiers beginning to hatch and Valerie’s water breaking. Next week will see the finale and hopefully some action, but we’ll see. If V has been renewed I for one will not be returning to the show, it’s just been incredibly dull for the most part.

FlashForward – The Negotiation

Ah James Callis really has just swept in and stolen the show for me. Every week I just sit and smile through every one of his scenes. The “I have a huge hippocampus, FYI” joke was very reminiscent of his character on Battlestar.

This week’s episode revolved around the nasty Three Star gang getting it’s hands on Gabe because he knows too much. All of the events in the episode take place the day before the events seen in the blackout, which means next week is the biggie!

Suspect Zero has been revealed to the public as being Simon Campos. Zoe puts Demetri in an impossible position, asking him to choose between her and his duty, especially to Mark. Gabriel reveals the identity of the man in charge, the big man “Hellinger”, Aaron rescues Tracy and Vogel pretty much tells Janis to kill Mark in order to retain her cover.

After Gabriel proves his worth, the FBI plans to move him to a safe house, however, Mark knows Janis will leak that information. That’s right Mark knows she’s a mole, not too difficult to work out really. After Mark dissolves the kidnap attempt he returns to ask Janis why. She simply asks him to understand that she was serving her country.

Later she explains herself to Dem. Now that he survived his own death he wants more than just to be her friend, he wants to be the father of her child. That’ll be a rather complex relationship, no? After this she returns home to find Simon… He needs her help.

Also this week, ex-x-files star Annabeth Gish got a lot more screentime, with a lot fewer clothes on. Personally I preferred her as the slightly cookie FBI Agent replacement for Moulder, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, next week is April 29th and it’s make or break time for FlashForward.

Supernatural – Swan Song

That’s right… A Supernatural Season finale gets it’s own spotlight, but I will say this. Eric pits brother against brother in a fight orchestrated by God himself, he kills major casts members, all in an attempt to put an end to the Devil itself! Now go watch it… it’s awesome!

Stargate Universe – Pain

After a few weeks of good material, this week’s episode was a huge let down. It was a dreary trudge through what would end up being an inconsequential episode. There wasn’t even anything worth talking about… nothing at all. 

Coming Soon

The Fall schedules! Hopefully we’ll know pretty soon what’s been cut loose and what is going to stay. We can almost definitely state that Supernatural and Chuck will see another season, while 24, Lost and Legend of the Seeker will not. But what about FlashForward? How I Met Your Mother, Heroes and more? Well, as soon as I know, you’ll know.

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