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Weekly Round-Up: 09/05/10

So, Supernatural, Lost and even How I Met Your Mother had a week of important moments. There were plenty of laughs, some  drama and a fair amount of death as we look at this week’s shows.

As always these posts may contain plot spoilers if you haven't seen the episodes. 

How I Met Your Mother – Twin Beds

This week’s HIMYM was ridiculous but clever, I love that about this show. This week Ted and Barney both realise (after Don asks Robin to move in) that they are both still in love with her. This leads to a competition to win her back, which ends in a drunken mess with Robin not wanting to be around either of them.

It seems that Robin and Don are serious about each other which could spell the end for my Robin and Barney theory. Meanwhile Marshall and Lilly get separate beds, which they think is genius until Don tells them he and his ex-wife did the same…

All in all it’s a pretty over the top episode but that just makes the down to earth ending all the more effective!

Chuck – Vs. The Role Models

This episode, while being about Chuck and Sarah learning how to make their relationship and spy life work, was really an episode for Morgan and Casey to shine as the NSA agent tries to train the newest member of the team.

Morgan and Casey together is a brilliant combination and it’s one we don’t see nearly as often as we should. However I guess the really big part of this week’s episode was Devon and Ellie in Africa. After suspecting the lovers would be leaving the show I was very glad to see they weren’t, although their return to California seemed somewhat contrived, until, of course, I realised it was. Ellie and Devon are forced to return home after Devon comes down with what appears to be Malaria, however, in reality he’s been poisoned by the Ring.

What could the dastardly Ring have planned? Perhaps they will kidnap Devon and Ellie at the airport in order to trade them for the Ring Director (Mark Sheppard) ??? Who knows… Anyway, with four episodes left I’m really enjoying the show and can’t wait to find out if it’s been renewed!

Lost – The Candidate

I’ve already covered the important parts of this week’s Lost, lots of death. Next week’s episode Across the Sea will apparently reveal the backstories of both Jacob and Smokey so we’ll see if it turns out to be more interesting than Richard Alperts.

V – Hearts and Minds

This week V return to story telling boredom. We were shown Ryan, Jack and Hobbs blowing up V shuttle. However, afterwards they find that the shuttle was carrying humans not Vs. Then we flash back for the next fifteen minutes to show us how the characters got to this point. I don't like this at the best of times, it’s a trick Alias always did and it isn’t nearly as effective as people seem to think. Anyway in this case I’d already worked out that Anna knew about the plan to blow up the shuttle and thus filled it with human corpses. I also assumed that Chad had sold them out. The only bit of information I didn’t have was the rocket they used was modified with V tech.

Anyway, this was then followed with some drama. Lisa told Tyler she didn’t love him to save him from Anna, but then Anna beat Lisa and had her legs broken to ensure Tyler would come. Sarita Malik (Rekha Sharma’s character) was finally revealed as V, which I’d guessed at since she first appeared. Also I wonder if any more of the final five will turn out to Vs? And Ericka got put in charge of the task force to stop the Fifth Column.

Supernatural – Two Minutes to Midnight

This week’s Supernatural was really good and definitely deserves the spotlight treatment this week. Together the Winchester brothers face the last two horsemen and deal with the deadly Croatoan virus. If I had any complaint about the episode it would be how segmented it felt, there was a lot of story crammed into this episode that maybe should have been a little more spaced out, but still very very good.

FlashForward – Course Correction

This week’s episode set out to prove that the universe still has a plan for everyone, regardless how much they would like things to be different.

The woman who Al Gough sacrificed himself for was still run down by a car. Keiko very nearly found her way to Bryce, plus Lloyd and Olivia can’t keep their lips to themselves.

James Callis was absolutely brilliant this week, his dedication to the role is superb, although he’s so funny I can’t see how anyone else in the scene manages to keep a straight face.

However, this week’s episode focused mostly on Simon. firstly Mark rescued Annabelle, who informed Mark that Simon is going to cause the next blackout. The FBI also figure out, finally, that Simon is a perfect match for Suspect Zero. Personally, after the NLAP group owned up and said they caused the blackout, I would have already tried to match Simon, Lloyd and Gordon to Suspect Zero… but it’s the FBI so what can we really expect?

Stargate Universe - Sabotage

Last week’s cliffhanger resolved all too quickly this week as the ever present alien threat destroyed Destiny’s FLT engines, causing the ship to remain in range for Eli, Scott and Chloe to return. I had kind of hoped we would get some episodes with the three of them trapped and alone, while Rush and Young tried to turn Destiny around, but nevermind.

This episode was ok, the most important detail was that Dr.Franklin managed to gain control of the alien chair and through it Destiny. However, then he vanished… Did he become part of the ship? Is it now some kind of human hybrid? Who knows…

Still, it was enjoyable enough and we got to see a softer side to Rush’s character. As Destiny leaves the Galaxy, the Aliens follow and that cannot be a good thing for the human race… With only four episodes to go I wonder what will happen in next week's episode, Pain… Whatever it is it doesn't sound pleasant.

Legend of the Seeker -

Full details coming soon…

Coming Soon

Next week will see a special episode of Lost, plus the season finale of Supernatural. I’m hoping to bring you guys a Spotlight on Two Minutes Midnight as well although life is looking pretty hectic for the next few days… I’ll do what I can.

Until then this has been My Two Cents.

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