Saturday, 10 July 2010

Return of the Good Stuff

Sci-fi’s back baby! This week saw the return of 2 of my favourite shows that I discovered within the last year. Eureka and Warehouse 13…

***Spoilers Ahead***

Warehouse 13 – Tuesday on Syfy

Last year W13 left us on an almighty cliffhanger, Arty had been engulfed in flame, MacPherson was on the loose and poor old Claudia was being framed as a spy.

I couldn’t wait to find out what happened but I was left slightly disappointed. All the cliffhangers were resolved with very little consequence, the slate was wiped clean and a new villain was introduced.

Overall the episode was good, there were still plenty of laughs and some nice little action set pieces. The acting  was good and Allison Scagliotti is still very cute, but, just like the pilot episode, it lacked something. I have no doubt that the show will pick up speed and continue to get better, I just wish it had a little more… something!

Eureka – Fridays on Syfy

Eureka finally returned for it’s forth season, it’s been quite some time since the show was on the air, but still it manages to pick up where it left off.

This season see the introduction of a new actor to the main cast, James Callis, otherwise known as Dr. Giaus Baltar. Unfortunately, so far, his character does not appear to be as strong as either his character on BSG or on the short lived FlashForward, but I have complete faith in James to make the role his own.

To introduce James the show takes the characters back in time to the founding of Eureka and as always with time travel, when they return things aren’t quite the same as when they left. What I do like about this however is that the changes are small, but significant and quite possibly entirely beneficial, except for poor Jo.

For example Allison’s son Kevin no longer seems autistic, Henry is married to a hot new mechanic and Tess never left for Australia. However, Zane is no longer in love with Jo, despite the fact that she had finally decided to accept his proposal!

More Good Stuff

With several new series starting in the next two weeks I’ll be looking forward to plenty of new stuff, plus the return of another old favourite Rescue Special Ops. 

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