Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Knowledge is Power

Heroes just keeps on getting better and better and this week’s episode is no exception. Knowing that Kring intends to kill one of snapshotour beloved Heroes leaves us speculating as to who.

This week focuses mainly on Mohinder, who finally rejoins the cast, and on the events that led to his death 8 weeks before. It seems that Samuel was one of the original test subjects in Coyote Sands, along with Angela Petrelli and a few others. Mohinder has discovered a film explaining how dangerous Samuel can become, should he gather enough “specials” to him. It was Hiro’s mission to retrieve this film from the past and deliver it to Samuel so that he could learn the truth about his power.

Of course Hiro being Hiro, he had to save Mohinder too. Also, as I predicted last week, Peter saved Matt. This takes Matt and Mohinder off the endangered list, but we can now add Tracy Strauss to the list as she begins to lose control of her ability. Sylar too is a distinct candidate for the chop, after Matt was healed Sylar managed to jump back into his own body, although it seems that Nathan remained in control.

With a little help from the Haitian Nathan and Peter learnt the truth about Nathan’s death and Sylar’s banishment and now Nathan has to face the truth. This new Nathan is somewhat better than the previous incarnations we seen, it’ll be a shame to see him snapshot(0)go if Kring decides that it is Nathan who is to be axed.

This really was a very good episode and considering it was about Samuel Sullivan, the writers managed to do a good job of still telling us very little about him at all… I only hope the wait will be worth it. Can’t wait for the next episode to find out more!

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