Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Epitaph One Flashbacks - Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Welcome to Part 4 of the Epitaph One Flashbacks, click on the above links if you missed the last three parts.

This flashback wasn’t very long at all and feature Boyd and Whiskey. Two characters that have had very little to do in the new season.

Boyd is leaving the Dollhouse, it looks like he might have been wounded some time previously, but reasonably snapshotrecently for Dr. Saunders (Whiskey) to be worried about him. He is in a hurry, he is leaving for somewhere “they” can’t pin point him. He points out that Echo is already in danger. “They”, presumably are the Rossum Corporation as he is inside the Dollhouse during this flashback so it couldn’t specifically be DeWitt, could it?

It is clear that Boyd and “Claire” (Whiskey) are in some kind of relationship. It also clear that Whiskey has returned to the Dollhouse after leaving at the start of season 2. In order to protect her Boyd leaves Whiskey behind, without telling her how to find him.

I would guess that this flashback is part of the season premiere of season 3, after Boyd helps Echo and Ballard achieve at least part of their goal in liberating the Dollhouse. Of course I’m only snapshot(0)guessing, but I’d guess that’s why Echo is already in danger and that it was how Boyd got injured.

Boyd leaves the Dollhouse, with Whiskey weeping uncontrollably, his words “I will come back for you” echoing in her mind. This is typical Joss. We have already in season 2 seen suggestions that Boyd is in love with Dr. Saunders, which somehow contributed to her leaving. We can probably assume from Joss’ track record for unhappy relationships (Buffy, Angel, Cordy, Xander, Willow, you name it, he broke their hearts) that Claire Saunders will return and fall in love with Boyd, maybe a mere episode or two before they have to say goodbye, for, what we later know to be, forever.

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