Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Epitaph One Flashbacks – Part 6

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It seems like forever ago since I last did one of these. I hope you snapshot(1)are enjoying this series, I know I certainly am. So, without further ado, lets look at flashback six.

The flashback begins with Adelle, being confronted by Mr. Dominic, the ex-head of the security that Adelle sent to the “Attic” in season 1, after he betrayed the Dollhouse, by leaking information to Paul Ballard.

I find it intriguing that Mr. Dominic is part of the greater mythology of the show. After his early exit I assumed that Reed Diamond had opted to leave the show, but Epitaph One really brings that assumption into question.

The flashback opens with the line “I regret to inform you ma’am but we’ve had a security breech” Laurence draws a gun on Adelle, snapshot(2)he is righteously pissed off. Adelle calmly explains she sent for him. Mr. Dominic is not so calm. “You think I’m still your faithful lapdog? After the Attic? After what you did to my body.” What she has done to his body is not entirely clear, as it seems to be in good working order to me.

Why did Adelle send for him? When is this flashback set? Immediately after Ballard escapes with Echo and possibly others? Has DeWitt called Mr. Dominic back into service to hunt down those he sought to help? It seems unlikely? What then? Has she had a change of heart, hoping to ally herself with Mr. Dominic now that she has lost Boyd?

Dominic goes on to describe the world outside, a world he saw coming, he adds. This tells us that at the very least the imprinting has gone wireless, something I swear will happen by the end of snapshot(3)season 2, but wont be wide spread enough until at the earliest late season 3 for this flashback to take place.

He also mentions seeing Topher’s face was almost worth the trip. I wonder what he meant by this. Is he referring to the mad with grief Topher we see later? Or maybe something more sinister, perhaps Topher got a visit from Alpha…?

DeWitt is drinking more heavily than ever in this flashback, but she offers Laurence a ray of hope. There is a cure, a way to block yourself from being imprinted, she explains. “Topher found a cure?” Mr. Dominic asks. snapshot(4)DeWitt pulls a face and then with contempt she utters. “Caroline has it”

This then was the reason she sent for Laurence Dominic, she hopes that he can get close enough to Caroline to procure the cure. What I don't understand is, why, if Caroline has the cure, would she withhold it. Certainly the Caroline we know is all about saving people. If she could save the world, surely she would… unless she had a very good reason not to!

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