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Tv Nibble: Epitaph One Flashbacks - Part 5

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Welcome to Part 5, now things are really beginning to heat up. This flashback concerns a conversation between a Mr Ambrose, Adelle DeWitt and Topher Brink.

Mr Ambrose, it seems, was delivered to the Dollhouse on a hard drive and uploaded into Victor. He comes to deliver a message to Adelle, to inform her that as of “now” the Rossum snapshot(6)Corporation will be offering complete anatomy upgrades for a nine figure sum.
Adelle is outraged.

Already during season one of the show we have seen her become decidedly uncomfortable with some of the Dollhouse’s practises. Something that leads me to believe that she is now leaking information to the U.S senator Daniel Perrin, as her own way of rebelling against the evil Rossum Corporation.

Topher remains stonily silent throughout, although his objection is clearly evident on his face, especially after Mr. Ambrose offers him and Adelle the opportunity to part-take in a body swap, using the phrase “You’ve both earned a snapshot(5)place on the arc, Mr Brink, you practically built it.”

Adelle questions the legality and the morality of what is being offered. Mr. Ambrose replies, “We have always been above the law, although now, we’re also writing it.” I wonder if this has any relation to Daniel Perrin’s appearance in season 2. If he, like Ballard, switches sides, using the Dollhouse and the Rossum Company to achieve his own ends. A man who could live for ever, in a million different bodies could never be deposed and that is the kind of power most politicians would not turn away from.

Ambrose suggests that the legal issues will be resolved within the year. This makes me wonder where exactly to place this flashback. Part of me wants to place it mid season 3, however I suspect that maybe we will see this flashback sooner rather than later.

Mr Ambrose tells Adelle that he is currently in ten other bodies, making this offer in ten other houses. He offers her a choice, accept their terms, or go up against the might of the Rossum Corporation alone. “If you do reclaim this body, we’ll know andsnapshot(7) you’ll have made a choice, a defining choice.”

Of course we know that they do reclaim Victor, or at least someone does. But that is what makes me think that the part four flashback and this one are related. Boyd was injured and has to flee because of something he will do in the future. What if Adelle and Topher are the ones leading the revolution? That would explain why Boyd was free to move around the Dollhouse in the fourth flashback. What if Adelle and Topher reclaim Victor and set the Dolls free?

This flashback certainly seems to be a defining moment in the lives of Adelle and Topher and certainly something that unites them and possibly sets them on the path of public opposition to the Rossum Corporation… maybe…

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