Friday, 9 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Epitaph One Flashbacks – Part 2

Welcome to the second instalment in the series of Epitaph One flashbacks, if you missed any of my Epitaph One posts just click snapshot(2)on the tag at the bottom of this post or in the “Navigate this Blog” section of the sidebar.

The second flashback concerns itself with Laurence Dominic, Topher Brink and Adelle DeWitt on Topher’s first day in the Dollhouse.

The flashback is introduced with a comment from Mag, “Are the memories stored in order?” the reply from Griff “Some kind of order, whoever set this thing up was unorthodox to say the least.” then we flashback to Topher (although the first snapshot(3)face we see is DeWitt’s) which would suggest it was him who set up the memory list.

Despite Topher’s witty banter with Mr. Dominic about his lack of fridge, the real meat of this flashback is Topher’s claims that he can revolutionise the imprinting process. He claims that he can reduce the imprinting time from 2 hours to 5 minutes, a claim we know to be substantiated. He also suggests changing the analogue system to a wireless micropulse, both of these are clearly the first steps towards what will eventually become the apocalyptic future we see in 2019.

Between them Topher and Mr. Dominic have a very prophetic conversation. “The human brain.” Topher explains “is a massively powerful creature and underestimating it is usually the snapshot(4)last mistake any culture makes.” I seem to recall a certain self-proclaimed genius making that mistake several times over the course of this series. Mr. Dominic replies, “Cities don’t burn because everyone got smarter. They burn because someone lost control of them.”

Can you say “foreshadowing”? This conversation is nicely put together and beautifully interspersed with Topher’s wit. We can easily place it in the timeline as pre-season 1. This flashback clearly shows that Topher, assuming he put together the list of memories, blames himself for the future he created. His advancements not only brought about the downfall of mankind, but helped accelerated it too.

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