Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tv Nibble: “The End” of Supernatural

This weeks Supernatural was a return to the season 4 style storytelling. The snapshot(11)mythology driving the show and that’s pretty depressing, nothing but the end of the world, no hope for humanity. This is not Supernatural.

We spend much of this episode with not one, but two Deans for company as he is transported  to a post-apocalyptic future, possibly a false one created by Zachariah just to manipulate Dean (as he did before). Dean is supposed to learn his lesson and become Michael’s vessel, however of course, the lesson he should have learnt was to do nothing any different, that way he gets to snapshot(12)sleep with Lexa Doig at some point in the future!

However it is really Cas that teaches the writing staff a lesson, as he laughs at past Dean mocking future Dean’s attitude, remarking “I like past you” so do we, we like past Sam and Dean, we like them hunting, having a laugh, without all this excess snapshot(13)baggage. But we do get a small glimmer of hope as Dean learns the true lesson and rejoins his brother for the final leg of the journey.

By the way, yes Lexa does look just as hot as always, I just wish they’d given her more than four lines, she’s as funny as she is sexy and I kinda hope she’ll be back before “The End”  

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