Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tv Nibble: It’s Starting…

So, I just got done watching this week’s Dollhouse and already we are beginning to see the emergence of the technology that will snapshot(1)eventually become the downfall of humanity.

This week’s episode was certainly better than last weeks. However, from the teaser you wouldn't have expected such a light-hearted episode. Topher imprints Victor with the mind of a serial killer so that Ballard can track down the victims and save them. However he does all this at Adelle DeWitts request! Previously we have seen Adelle be compassionate, even loving, but for some reason this episode really showed her turning a corner and in my opinion, moving closer to the Adelle we see cradling Topher in Epitaph One.

After Col. Saul Tigh… erm… I mean Bradley Karrens, lets Victor go Adelle orders Topher to attempt a remote wipe, like Alpha did back in season one. However, the over confident genius screws up and instead of wiping Victor he causes his personality to switch into Echo. Why? Not really sure. However I’m pretty certain that Topher will investigate the incident and that in turn will lead to snapshot(2)his ability to transmit personalities wirelessly.

Interestingly there were a couple of inconsistencies. Firstly, why Echo, why not one of the other twenty dolls? There were other actives in the field, why did Victor and Echo switch, it’s just too neat for my liking. Secondly, they discuss the fact that all the Dolls are equipped with a GPS strip, if that is true then why has that never been used before. For a start Echo went AWOL in the last episode but no one mentioned tracking her with a GPS. But even in this episode, they are looking for Dr. Saunders, a.k.a Whiskey, a doll, why not use her GPS if you want to find her?

Normally I wouldn’t make a fuss about inconsistencies, but it’s pretty important that details remain constant when you have already shown flashes of the “future”, changing details in the “past” could have a big knock on effect to what we already know to  be true. Epitaph One was so clever, it would a shame to snapshotsee the show make silly mistakes and ruin it. 

Anyway, enough babbling. I enjoyed the first half hour of this episode and it was nice to see Michael Hogan again, although with Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett Dollhouse is beginning to feel like a Battlestar reunion! I just wish they had put Michael and Jamie in roles that clearly had reusable potential…  

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