Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tv Nibble: The Sound of Sylar

So far this season Heroes has been a little aimless. Each episode has followed a different hero, with little to connect them together other than the appearances of the travelling circus troop, led by Samuel Sullivan.

However, episode 5, Hysterical Blindness sets out to change all that. The circus finally recruits a new member, Gabriel Sylar, the Nathan/Sylar story seems to have been put to rest too. Peter is snapshot(8)reunited with a dying Hiro and the storylines all seem to be pulling in the same direction.

Other than the major plot points, the episode is rather bland. Certainly there is a nice visual spectacle when Peter takes the ability of Emma (the Deaf Girl) who can see sound. Then there was the oh-too-obvious lesbian kiss and a dreary return to “I’m a misunderstood innocent that wouldn’t hurt a fly” Sylar. He’s just so whiney when he’s like this. He’s much better as a ghost in Matt’s head.

Talking of Matt he hasn’t been seen much this series, which is nothing compared to other regulars like Mohinder who hasn’t been seen at all. And what about Adrian Pasdar, has he left the snapshot(7)show now that Nathan is officially dead and Sylar has returned to his original appearance?

All in all this week’s episode didn’t suck, there were nice moments to it, but it doesn’t have that rollercoaster feel we got with Fugitives. By the end of episode 2 we’d witnessed a major plane crash and the apparent death of a season regular. I’m hoping now that the heroes have been reunited (sort of) that the real meat of the season can begin to unravel.  

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