Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tv Nibble: It’s a Comedy, but not as we know it…

Ok, so this week I managed to catch the season 3 finale of Eureka. I only really discovered Eureka a couple of months ago but I really enjoy the show, and I promise there is a 10 reason to watch snapshot(2)forth coming for it, once I get a free moment.

Eureka has often been referred to as a Sci-Fi sitcom, but I wouldn’t say that was true. For a start it’s not true science fiction and calling it so only serves to turn people off it. And while it is comical it fails to follow the traditional sitcom format. Really, it falls into that indefinable category with other 45 minute comedies like Chuck and Reaper and just like those shows I have one major belly ache with it… It’s too self contained!

Unlike other Sci Fi (Sy Fy) Channel shows like BSG and Farscape, where you really need to watch them from the start to know snapshot(1)what’s going on, Eureka is pretty much a series of one offs and the problem with that is that you already know by the end of the episode, everything is going to be ok. Sure there are some of those “to be continued” moments but they really don’t come often enough.

However like with Chuck this is really only a minor niggle, because the show is really about the people and how they interact and the season finale was brilliant for that. However it left me snapshot(3)wondering where season 4 (which is greenlit) will be going.

Zoe is going to college, as is Lucas. Alison has a new baby and Tess has a new job is Australia. Meaning that, potentially, we could be losing up to four characters and if “Alice” gets picked up as a series Taggart (Matt Frewer) probably wont be returning to the show either, which is a shame.

Whatever the case though the first three seasons are a really good laugh. Check them out. Eureka returns to Sci Fi next year.    

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