Saturday, 31 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Old Hat

Supernatural is back this week, although no Dollhouse, Fringe, Bones or even Clone Wars (what’s going on!!!). The episode focused on a 900 year old witch who uses his powers to gamble snapshot(0)for “years”.

The episode seemed to be written mainly to play with the idea of Dean suddenly aging 50 years. Unfortunately I really didn’t believe that old Dean and young Dean were one in the same person, they just seemed too different. The script was nice though and the gags were funny, the girl was pretty and Jim Beaver got to examine Bobby’s state of mind since he was paralysed.

Bobby confesses that he feels useless and that if he wasn’t such a coward he would have ended himself the day he got back from the hospital. Of course, since Bobby joined the team, way back in season 2, Sam and Dean have only ever really made use of his knowledge, which of course is still intact. To me Bobby has always felt semi-retired and that never made him useless, but I can see snapshotwhy his character might feel that way.

Anyway, not the best episode ever, but certainly good enough for an hours distraction. Glad to see that the writers are sticking with the lighter episodes for now, before the build up to the dark series finale next year.

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