Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Ok, so not Heroes then…

Due to an insane shift yesterday I haven't had time to watch Heroes. However I did recently find the time to watch the pilot to snapshot(12)Syfy’s new series Stargate: Universe.

Right now the show is five or six episodes in but it didn't really intrigue me so I’ve been ignoring its existence. I never really watched SG1, only one episode here and there and by the time I was told “It’s gotten good” it was really too late to be bothered watching all the “not good” episodes to get to the good stuff. Then Atlantis started and I really didn’t get into that either. But with Universe I thought, here is a new Stargate franchise, lets give the pilot a go…

In short, it was ok. I think when I was told about it people used the phrase “It’s like Battlestar” hoping to draw my interest. It’s like Battlestar in as much as its gritty and the people on the show snapshot(13)are trying to find their way back to earth.

The cast is headed up by Robert Carlisle and last time I saw him he was running about bleeding on people and turning them into Zombies in the not very good sequel to 28 Days Later. That said, there are still some interesting cast members. Eli (David Blue) is a somewhat stereotypical computer geek. A little overweight, still living with his mum, but he works well in his smartass, scared out of his wits role on the show.

Throw in a couple of pretty girls, some action sequences and a ship that is trying to kill its occupants and you have a watchable sci-fi (or should that be syfy) with the potential to go places. Certainly the pilots end leaves you wanting to know more as snapshot(14)the away team prepares to go onto the surface of a new planet, but right now, it just seems like another Stargate.

Check back with me in a couple of weeks when I have really made my mind up about the show, but right now, I think my feelings towards it could go either way.    

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