Friday, 2 October 2009

Tv: Nibble: Merlin Returns to Form

Before we get down to the nitty gritty of today’s nibble, I just wanted to deliver some blog related news. Firstly the companion snapshot(8)blog to this blog  the Big Screen Blog went live this week. It will update on the first of the month, every month, unless I get time to make it a bi-monthly. Right here on this blog you’ll notice two new icons that switch the viewing format to show just Nibbles or just the 10 Reasons posts and as always you have the option of viewing posts just by show as well. I’ve also changed the layout of the shop. If you want anything to be added to the shop, or you want me to review any shows on this blog just leave a comment in any of the posts. In particular I’m looking to expand the 10 reasons section of the blog, so if there is a show I should check out make sure to let me know.

Ok, today I just wanted to mention the Uk series Merlin which returned to our screens on the 19th September. The first episode was a little bit of a disappointment, the episode resolved itself too neatly, there was too much CGI and the script lacked the charm of the first series. However, this week’s episode “The Once and Future Queen” resolved all that.

The humour that permeates this series returned in force and the, for want of a better term, cute storytelling is back as well. Interesting though, the first series of the show seemed determined to distance itself from the original legend, to create a new mythology, now, however, the show is showing signs of swinging back to the legend as Arthur and Guinevere finally kiss.

The show certainly retains the potential of the first series. Merlin’s promise in the season premiere to some day release the Dragon that lives below Camelot is sure to bring with it some interesting consequences. While Arthur’s eventual rise to the throne spells doom for Anthony Stewart Head, but when is the question. I wonder if Luther’s demise will coincide with filming starting on Ripper… God, I hope so!

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