Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Swan Song for Janis?

I’ll be honest, it was six in the morning when I watched this weeks episode of Flash Forward and my head was hurting from spending the previous three hours working on networking issues, so I may snapshot(1)not have had the clearest view of this episode.

That said, I was confused as to what exactly was happening for quite some time. The characters seemed to be communicating entirely in subtext. The general gist of the episode seemed to be that the mosaic project was about to lose its funding due to over spending and lack of results. As far as I can tell all they have spent money on was a website and a flight to Germany, surely some affiliates and a couple of frequent flyer miles would sort this out?

Apparently not. It also seems that the mosaic project was not authorised by FBI HQ, it seems odd that this would be the case. The whole episode revolves around this point but the inevitable conclusion in Mosaic gets the greenlight after bossman Agent Wedeck pulls some strings with the president himself.

However, last week’s cliff hanger remains unresolved. We still don’t know anything about Simon or his relationship to Lloyd. We don’t know how much Lloyd knows about the blackouts or if he knows that Olivia is the woman in his Flash Forward.

The real kick in the tail of this episode though is the idea that the Chinese are somehow behind the blackout. The CIA posits that because the Chinese were mostly asleep during the blackout, they had the fewest losses and that it cannot be coincidence. No, it’s not coincidence, its basic science… Anyway, the concept is then backed up when a group of Asian men (I guess we’re supposed to snapshot(0)suspect they are Chinese) attack all the members of the Mosaic project.

Everyone survives, except the Asian gunmen but when it’s all over and the smoke clears poor Janis Hawk is left bleeding to death, alone in alleyway.

Now there are really only two ways this can play out. Either Janis is off the show and the first real departure from the predicted future occurs. Possibly but doubtful. The second is that this near death experience leads Janis to her life changing decision to have a child. This is more likely, I would think. I also suspect that Janis will use a special clinic to conceive, rather than leave the conception to chance.

All in all this episode was interesting and certainly a good departure from the “tell all” approach used in the pilot. But now we are left with so many questions… What is going to happen to the President in the next six months? Who were the Asian gunmen who attack the Mosaic team and Janis? And why did they attack? Who are Simon and Lloyd really? What relation are they to D Gibbons? Who text Olivia to tell her that Mark was drinking in his Flash Forward? Is China behind the blackout? What do the snapshottowers in Somalia have to do with the blackout in ‘91? Was it a test site for the global blackout?

I could go on… We need at least some answers to these questions next week or we’re going to run out of space in our brains to store them all. So until next time, this has been My Two Cents.    

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