Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Hiro is Missing in Action

A couple of things came up in Heroes this week that referenced snapshot(1)back to earlier seasons.

After Hiro teleports into Peter’s living room and is revealed to be dying from a brain tumour, Peter promptly takes Hiro’s power and teleports to Noah Bennett, whose daughter Claire just happens to be visiting at the time. I naturally assumed that Peter intended to use Claire’s blood to treat Hiro, but apparently not. It had always seemed strange to me that Claire’s blood never came up after it was used to restore Noah Bennett to life after he was shot in the eye at the end of season 2. snapshot(2)Certainly it could have been used to help heal Daphne when she was shot at the start of Fugitives.

The second backwards reference was to Sylar murdering his own mother. Samuel Sullivan tries to trigger the “old” Sylar by bombarding him with his true memories. Why he does this is unclear. Samuel’s merry band may be slightly nefarious but they don't appear to be a group of assassins, so why would he want Sylar to go back to the darkside.

The last reference occurs moments before the episode’s close, when Hiro accidentally teleports back in time to the Burnt Toast Diner where he first met Charlie, the love of his life. Hiro is determined to right all the wrongs in his life, a path he was set upon by Samuel Sullivan and it seems that the path has led him to snapshot(3)his final destination, saving Charlie.

Back in season 1 Hiro attempted to save Charlie’s life and failed, the possibility that he could succeed this time around seems unlikely. By the end of the episode Peter has an ability capable of healing Hiro, but I just wonder if he’ll get the chance. It is perfectly possible that Hiro has travelled through time for the last time, setting right this final wrong and ultimately achieving his “Redemption”

Can they kill Hiro? More importantly will they? Will Mohinder ever reappear? Or Matt? Is Nathan Petrelli really off the show for good? All these questions and more to come next week.   

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